Saturday, September 10, 2016

188 | 'Basket of deplorables' headlines, September 10, 2016

You know who was around during the time of the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati?  That's right, George Clinton, the first Governor of New York.  I'm also reminded of the Philadelphia train wreck of May 12, 2015, train #188, where in the wake of the "wreck", the Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, was wearing the Clinton Group shirt.

Of course Hillary had her convention in Philadelphia, 106-days before the election.  You might recall the last two Philadelphia train wrecks were both traveling 106 MPH.


  1. Does anyone know anything about astronomy? I've heard that we will soon be in the age of Aquarius, but no one seems to know for sure.

    The Age of Aquarius = 174/75/84
    New World Order = 174/75
    Order out of Chaos = 75/84

    There could be a connection here, but maybe it's just a coincidence.

    1. We are approaching. It is supposed to be sometime around the year 2150.

    2. We're on the cusp of Water to Air so it's very "wavy, storm-like" times trying to find our purpose here.

    3. Also Saturn rules Aquarius so theres a huge demonic influence here. The age of peace is over. We can see it in the headlines getting worse and worse.

  2. I was talking the other day about The King of Spain Juan Carlos. I think he is next on the Zion Hit List for World War 3 Preparation. September 14th Perhaps.

    Hillary Clinton Juan Carlos" in the English Reduction system equals 106

    Spain Train" in the English Ordinal system equals 121

    Spain Train" in the English Reduction system equals 49

    Philly Named After Revelation.

    Philadelphia Revelation" in the English Reduction system equals 114

    Juan Carlos" in the English Ordinal system equals 114

    Juan Hillary" in the English Reduction system equals 50

    Train wreck" in the English Reduction system equals 50

    Anyone finds any evidence to debunk or certify my theory I'm all ears.

    1. You mean like an Archduke Ferdinand type of thing?

    2. I've just seen many Numeric and Historical connections in the past weeks to Spain, Juan Carlos & his Son King Filipe.

    3. Juan carlos resigned the throne is now help by Felipe VI who just happens to be King of Jerusalem too,
      The title is in de facto use by the Spanish Crown, currently held by Felipe VI of Spain

  3. "ActiveThrityThird Degree Freemason" = 188
    "Defense Advanced Research Project Agency" = 188 (DARPA)
    "Shriner Hospitals for Childern" = 188
    "William Aurther Philip Louis Windsor" = 188

    "Experimentation" = 188 O
    "John D Rockefeller III" = 188 O
    "Local Authorities" = 188 O
    "Lottery Number" = 188 O
    "Major Championship" = 188 O
    "Masonic History" = 188 O
    "Presidential Term" = 188 O
    "Seismograph Reading" = 188 O
    "Baseball Fan" = 188 J

    "Special" = 188 J
    "Alarming" = 188 J

    Some interesting references to the Number 188

    1. Train Wreck Woman" in the English Ordinal system equals 188

      Bavarian Illuminati Juan Carlos" in the English Reduction system equals 113 / 122

      Train Wreck" in the English Ordinal system equals 122

    2. I didn't know DARPA was 188, Interesting.

    3. Francis Scott Key is also 188. Very interesting given that he wrote The Star Spangled Banner (223). Shows what our country is really all about.

    4. Another good 188 for the list: "Global Freemasonry"

    5. When Garoppolo passes to Bennett it's 188

      Garoppolo wears #10. Bennett #88

      Garoppolo= Apollo
      For fun spell it like this Garopollo=666 lmao!

      Happy Sun worship day 😈

    6. Garoppolo has 188 yards passing

  4. Adorable Deplorable in English Gematria Equals: 888
    Donald J Trump in English Gematria Equals: 888

  5. Here is something interesting but totally unrelated...

    The name Israel is based on three ancient Egyptian gods: ISIS, RA, and El. El was another name for Saturn.

    "ISIS, RA, and El" = 666 (Sumerian)

    Also, "synagogue" was historically spelled "sinagogue"

    "Sinagogue of Satan" = 174/66/84

    174 just like "New World Order" and 66/84 like "The State of Israel" and also 84 like "United States of America"

  6. Lol, the writer's name is Dan Merica.

  7. Yo Gary Sanchez almost hit a home run on an intentional walk. It was actually pretty funny how over the top they're taking this.

  8. don't know where to put this but something interesting just occurred in dodgers game...

    the dodgers pitcher "rich hill" was pitching a perfect game after 7 innings and was pulled out of the the time the dodgers had 7 hits. Dodgers won 5-0, it has been 50 years since the dodgers have thrown a perfect game.

    He is from "Massachusetts"=33
    He wears #44
    He started his MLB career 11 years ago with the CUBS
    He was born on 3/11: 113?

    Anyway just some basic observations curious if anyone has anything on this..

  9. Can an analysis be done on the 11 September 2016 "morning" stabbing that happened at "Ohlfsen Street, Minto, New South Wales 2566, Australia"? 22 year old "Ihsas Khan" had stabbed someone near a "reserve" (the reserve is located between #25 and #27 Ohlfsen Road, and is surrounded by "Kitson Place" and "Chaperon Crescent" and "Pickett Avenue"). Maybe do a screen shot of google-maps-satellite image because if you have a look near that 'reserve' it clearly shows a place named "Bohemian Delights" right near there. Ihsas Khan was apparently known to be "odd". Search google/bing and this incident should show-up

    1. Update: Incident happened at "4pm" on 10 September 2016. _and_

  10. yo Zach can you check out the story of the CiCi's pizza owner killed at age 52 on 1/14/14 in Lawrence KS? the girl is said to have 3 separate personalities and apparently all but decapitaited him. she was sentenced a week ago on 9/4 to a "hard 50". this is my hometown and an unbiased eye would be greatly appreciated!

    also, the Walnut Valley Festival aka Winfield is cancelled this year due to recent flooding. it's reported that the Walnut River can reach as high as 34 feet in the 34th state. of course. also, a quick search on shows a chart with the water reaching 33.3 feet.

    What's The Matter With Kansas?

    1. Whats The Matter With Kansas = 90, 306, 1836, 2547

      I did a long form decoding on a quote from Top Gun in relation to the Russian fighter jet incident that came up with the year Betsy Ross was born - the hag who sewed the American flag - which is 1752, January 1st

      in this decode, we get her death year on 1836 on January 30th. funny how that worked out.

    2. also, 1836 is the YEAR of Texas. so much stuff going on from The Alamo to the Texas Revolution and so much more.

  11. There's never been a more obviously coded headline, ha. Basket of Deplorables =601. The Truth =601. The Mark of the Beast =601. Terror Alert =601. Basket of Problems =601. Basket of Guns =601.

  12. Off topic - TCU (texas) 14 straight home wins lose to Arkansas with 41 - halftime score was also 13 - ESPN ticker of 37. Many more inside detail codes. ESPN practically begged people to pay attention to this game.

    1. you see the Houston beating Cowboys in their home in both NFL preseason as well as today in Stillwater, OK.

      one untimed down from the 49??? for the win?????

      best part is the last shot they show is some white dude from CMU in front of the camera doing the shhh/silence/finger over mouth pose while his teammates rush by. could it have been the white boy Jesse Kroll who caught the ball and lateraled it? the same white boy who caught the 49 yard pass in the 2014 Bahamas Bowl that was a Hail Mary lateral play with one seonced left to score a TD? the same white boy who dropped the two point conversion and lost to the team who scored 49 points?

    2. margin of victory 11 and 3, respectively.
      Hail Mary from their own 49 on 1st and 10?

      Houston wins on a 51 yard prayer.
      SB 51 in Houston.

      I'm fuckin done, this is too blatant.

  13. Off topic. I think we now need to revisit the OKC owner and death of monte Williams wife and the Russell Westbrook extension plus Russ is wearing the Jordan XXXI flying thru the " Air" like the bull God.

  14. Does she make it thru the election?
    Kanye models were over heated too

    Hillary Clinton left the Sept. 11 Commemoration Ceremony early on Sunday after feeling “overheated” and went to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment, according to spokesman Nick Merrill.
    She’s “feeling much better,” he added in a statement.

    Clinton left the lower Manhattan ceremony around 9:30 a.m.

    9:30... Lol or 93!

  15. Bills 2016 slogan " ALL IN" 👀

    Sound familiar