Saturday, September 10, 2016

35 65 74 113 131 155 | Why Triple G is fighting Kell Brook (career Welterweight) September 10, 2016 in London

Right away, notice that one fighter is 36-0, and the favorite to win is 35-0.  Today's date happens to have '35' numerology.

9/10/2016 = 9+10+20+16 = 55
9/10/2016 = 9+10+(2+0+1+6) = 28
9/10/2016 = 9+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 19 (Chaos) (Order out of chaos = 777)
9/10/16 = 9+10+16 = 35 (Triple G is 35-0) (Triple = 35)

GGG = 777

Please read my prior decode on Triple G here:

As discussed the last time I wrote about Triple G, he has a lot of '42' connections (read link above).  '42' is a number that shares a relationship with '35', like today's date numerology, like his current record of 35-0.

His birthplace is right for a mason as well.

Triple G = 2+9+9+7+3+5+7 = 42
Golovkin = 7+6+3+6+4+2+9+5 = 42
10/17/15 = 10+17+15 = 42 (Date he became 34-0) (Currently 34 years old) (10/17, span of 330-days)
Freemason = 6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5 = 42
G = 42 in English Gematria (G = 7x6 = 42)

Regarding the Freemasonry connections, Triple G's birthday was a span of 156-days prior to this fight, a number connecting back to '33'.

If you don't count the end date, it is 155-days, connecting to 'Welterweight'.  Golovkin's opponent has been a Welterweight his whole career, this is his first time coming up to fight at the Middlweight class.

This will be Golovkin's first fight in the United Kingdom.  His opponent is from there, and again is fighting at the Middleweight class for the first time in his boxing career.  The gematria of 'Welterweight' and 'Middleweight' tie in with 'United Kingdom'.

 As for Golovkin being '34', that is the 139th prime number, like his name gematria.

Golovkin's birth numerology connects to the date of his last fight, April 23, 2016, typically the 113th day of the year.  It also connects to his opponent today.

4/8/1982 = 4+8+19+82 = 113 (Mainstream) (Dishonest)
4/8/1982 = 4+8+1+9+8+2 = 32
4/8/92 = 4+8+92 = 104

Golovkin boxing match history:

Let's now examine his opponent, Kell Brook.

Notice right away Kell Brook is British, and this fight is in London.  Triple G has never fought in London.

Ezekiel = 5+8+5+2+9+5+3 = 37/46 (Kell = 2+5+3+3 = 13/22) (Thirty = 37) (37-0?)
Brook = 2+9+6+6+2 = 25
Ezekiel Brook = 62/71 (Mason = 62) (O2 = 62)
Kell Brook = 38/47

The reflection of '62' is '26', the KO #, and Kell is looking for his 26th KO tonight.  Triple G would be a fitting opponent.

Remember, when you sum 1-26, it totals 351, a lot like the would be record of Golovkin if he lost, 35-1.

Ezekiel = 5+26+5+11+9+5+12 = 73 (Kell = 11+5+12+12 = 40)
Brook = 2+18+15+15+11 = 61
Ezekiel Brook = 134
Kell Brook = 101

Notice his birthday, May 3, a date that can be written 3/5 or 5/3.  Again, today has '35' numerology and his opponent is 35-0.

5/3/1986 = 5+3+19+86 = 113 (Mainstream) (Dishonest)
5/3/1986 = 5+3+1+9+8+6 = 32 (U.K.)
5/3/86 = 5+3+86 = 94

His place of birth, Sheffield, connects to 'London', where tonight's fight is, as well as Masonic.  Keep in mind his name gematria, 'Kell Brook', sums to '47', the reflection of '74'.

Here is Kel Brook's boxing record:

Notice this will be Brook's first fight at age 30.  The only question remains, can he become 37-0, upsetting the undefeated Golovkin?

The number '37' also has a link to 'championship'.  Should the underdog win, he will be the new Middleweight Champion.

Tonight's fight comes in a span of 131-days from his birthday.

As a warning, that does not necessarily mean he will win.  It could be the reason he is fighting in this championship.

Also, keep in mind that 131 is the 32nd prime, connecting to U.K. and the underdog's birth numerology.

A fellow reader's work however gives more incentive to think there will be an upset.


  1. One= 95/204/34

    He's 5'9 reversal 95.
    I see him throwing the 1 finger.


  2. Undefeated = 370/510/85

    Triple GGG is 36-0 he has gematria "370" like 37 if he wins.

    Also he's 5'10 gematria 510

  3. Zach is canelo alvarez a freemason to ?

    1. Saul Canelo Alvarez=188

      Bavarian Illuminati= 188
      Freemasonry=58 reverse 85
      All seeing eye= 119

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  6. I feel so honored to have stumbled across this community

  7. I feel so honored to have stumbled across this community

  8. "Great Pyramid" = 777 J
    "Foundation Completed" = 777 J
    "US Bank Stadium" = 777 J

  9. Great work Zach i dont have much to add on what youve done but this i think holds significance.

    Brook is fighting for all 4 belts that GGG has. As youve pointed out 131 days from his birthday = Championship but also the 38's connected to this fight in Kells favor points to him winning. We often assume 38 = Death however it also = Change. So the belts may well change hands. Ive observed this number a lot in UFC title matches and it always goes to the man it connects to.

    Also 'Four Belts' = 37.

    Brooks - 37th Win.

    1. In hindsight, 37 is a lot like 777
      This was Kell Brook's biggest fight of his career, in his 37th
      G = 7
      GGG = 777
      He made order out of chaos with his eye socket I have heard.

  10. GGG Is going for 23 wins in a row and 33 by way of knock out ... He's on 22 ... 32 Ko

  11. Zach... Take a look at the box score to today's Cubs-Astros game. Astros won 2-1. Cubs with 1 run, 2 hits, and 1 error (are you kidding me?! 112 Lol),game_state=final,game_tab=

    1. Today also leaves 112 days left of the year.

  12. When will you guys that there is no connection to Astros making WS. Just bc their name equals 112 doesnt mean theyll make it. They wont even make the playoffs with Keuchel injured

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    3. Mike the retard strikes again!

  13. Brooks eye socket was broken in round 2 fight was stopped in round 5. His corner thru the towel in. Brook was having blurry version

    1. Kell Brook and Phil Brooks... Any parallels there?

  14. CBS fight recap, first sentence:

    "Boxing word of the day - Anticlimax."

    "anticlimax" in the English Reduction system equals 43
    "anticlimax" in the English Ordinal system equals 106

    1. anticlimax = 636 and 943 as well.
      divisors of 943 are 23 and 41

      KO streak at 23
      Champ = 41 = King

    2. this is quite a stretch but 43 is the 14th prime and if you add it to the previous and the next prime numbers you get

      41+43+47= 131

    3. 23 straight knockouts for GGG or 2+3 for 777 or


      fucking Jews man, fucking Jews.

  15. once again you were wrong zach. cm punk lost lol

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