Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reader Contribution | 26, 351 and the English Alphabet


God = 17/26

When you sum 1-17, it totals 153
When you sum 1-26, it totals 351


  1. Indeed.

    English Equals Gematria = 223

  2. Replies
    1. Fish=113 (jewish)

      One hundred fifty three=113(pythagorean)

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  4. This is really interesting work as is Zach's addition of God 17/26. Since I believe in an ultimate source and the clear evidence that creation is by the numbers, I wonder if people are working within the numbers to influence events or actually script events by the numbers. Maybe both. It seems all word calculations have "good" and "bad" interpretations associated with them ie Jesus 74 Lucifer 74. What happends if you choose to focus on the postitive intrepretations? Still puzzling this one

    1. Jesus/ lucifer are made up names like Harry Potter / darth Vader ... Just names to fit the agenda

    2. I've considered this harry. It doesn't change the fact that some words are positively charged and some negative - maybe not the best example on this page it was just the first example I could think of. That being said I don't dismiss the existence of Jesus or his fundamental message but do not subscribe to what is put forth by "christian" religions.

    3. I think it's mainly the words/ideas associated with certain words that give them charge and the same word can be bad or good depending on your perspective. Like the name Jesus is attached/entwined with ALOT of heavy ideas such as religion, sin, suffering on the cross, etc... which gives it a sort of power. And it's repeated in echoes, words that sound/look simular.

      Dr. Seuss
      Suez Canal

      How do we absorb words? We read them with our eyes and also hear them with our ears. So, that automatically gives us 2 different ways to deciper meaning. The way they look, spelling and the way they sound, accent, syllable, etc.

      Duality as usual.

    4. Totally agree Purnella...well said. Adding the numbers in adds a while new dimension because I'd think the subconscious also works with or recognizes the numbers and creates another level of reaction/ interpretation. Duality is at the core.

    5. Totally agree Purnella...well said. Adding the numbers in adds a while new dimension because I'd think the subconscious also works with or recognizes the numbers and creates another level of reaction/ interpretation. Duality is at the core.

  5. There's a boxing match in London today. Kell brook v Golovkin. Brook is a big underdog, he's moving up two divisions.
    The last time someone moved up two divisions and won a belt straight away was in 1966. 50 years ago.
    Fifty = 30. Brook is 30 yrs old.
    Fifty years = 53. Brook was born on 5/3.
    Fifty is the golden anniversary. Gold = 38. Kell brook = 38.
    Golovkin lives in california, the golden state.
    Golden anniversary = 86. Dick tiger = 86.
    He's the champion who lost 50 years ago.
    The guy who won 50 yrs ago was emile griffith. He was born on 2/3/1938. There's that 38 again. 2+3+1+9+3+8 = 26. We will get to 26 in a minute.
    Griffith had 112 fights in his career.
    Today's fight leaves 112 days in the year. Prince = 38 too, died on the 112th day.
    Griffith died on 7/23. 7/23 - 9/10 is 49 days (revelation)
    Brook is age 30 and looking for his 37th win. Thirty = 37.
    He's also looking for his 26th knockout. Twenty six = 42.
    Golovkins nickname 'triple g' = 42.
    Twenty sixth = 52. Today is 5 months 2 days after Golovkins b day.
    Brook was in the news 2 years ago, they said he nearly died after being attacked with a machete. That was 2 years 6 days ago. 26th prime is 101. Kell brook = 101.
    And thanks to this post I found the 26th triangle number is 351.
    If brook gets his 26th knockout then Golovkins record will be 35-1.

    1. I'm going to look pretty silly if golovkin punches his face off.

    2. It is a span of 131-days from the under dogs birthday, my research has me leaning towards upset too. The underdog is fighting in his own nation.

    3. I missed that one. I'm pretty sure London england = 131 too.
      The BBC page on the fight has two kell brook quotes in speech marks. Shock the world = 134. David v goliath = 134.
      Ezekiel brook = 134. Fifty years = 134.

    4. Zach u made them changed the script sloppy job by the Zionist who buckled under the pressure put on by you.brooks was kicking his ass mann

    5. The fights are real no doubt if it went all the way brooks could of won on points he was handling him self very well just got hit by a good one in wrong spot. Shit happens keep up the good work

  6. VT vs Vols in Bristol today said to have sold 153,000 tickets.

    Vols 222 yrs old TODAY 9/10
    Hokies 144 years old

    Games discussed since 1998.

    Nineteen ninety eight = 222

    Tennessee = 106
    Tennessee Volunteers = 151
    Jesus Christ = 151
    Bristol Motor Speedway address is 151 speedway Blvd.

    Battle of Bristol = 59
    Bread and circus = 59

    The Colosseum = 911

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  8. I hope he doesn't wait until he's perfect to start a blog. We need more decoders now.

    1. Hello, JE Aggas! I'm the poster of this YouTube comment. I will not wait until I am perfect. I just need practice finding the right articles and think of a good account name. I also discover another "351" sentence.

      gematria = 7 + 5 + 13 + 1 + 20 + 18 + 9 + 1 = 74
      should = 19 + 8 + 15 + 21 + 12 + 4 = 79
      be = 4 + 5 = 9
      taught = 20 + 1 + 21 + 7 + 8 + 20 = 77
      in = 9 + 23 = 32
      schools = 19 + 3 + 8 + 15 + 15 + 12 + 19 = 91

      gematria should be taught in schools = 351

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    3. Okey dokey but don't be pokey there's a whole world waiting to be decoded. cheers!

    4. Don't bother on a new blog, just post on here like all of us...

    5. In my opinion, plugging random phrases and sentences is putting spin on numbers. It's trash. I could sit and make 666 sentences all day, but no one is using them and they aren't being revealed subliminally to the public. The headlines are there, everyday. Use the sentences and especially quoted phrases to do your work. We are all anal and all want credit, we all are confident and give eachother cap on here, but it keeps the craft of gematria relevant.

      For instance look at CNN, and Google news, dates are paramount and are usually what convince people of the strength of your shit smell.

      Keep plugging and oh yeah, wikipedia is huge, anyone can edit it, right, even you or the masons

    6. If you might be on to something, your computer will probably get effed up, twitch, go haywire. Or get run off the road. Save your work, I go back often, I set up excel spreadsheets. Can't speak for anyone else. Good luck..

      Speaking of run off the road, remember the Vegas Strip and Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade? Oklahoma State was upset today, could be a tribute, but I ain't wasting time on that shit. I keep telling everyone Green Bay v. New England super bowl, that's my focus.

      Buy the way... Aaron Rodgers is turning 33 this December and Hall of Fame Brett Favre (The 5th Packer to go 1ST ballot, 51) is turning 44 this october.

    7. True, InsaneUnknown. You could make any amount of sentences with a gematria value of 351. I just found it interesting because they mostly describe the topic of gematria and God.

    8. Whoops-a-daisy! I meant Favre will be 47. Which better helps the case I have been making all week.

      I was working on an "I fu## ed your mom and sister in a three way, etc" to prove my 666 point, but it's obvious.

  9. I have UGA upsetting Tenn to meet Bama in the SEC championship.
    This will be low scoring 20-17 Vols

    1. They both suck. This from a Georgian who went to Tennessee. That Knoxville campus was pretty sweet though.

    2. That sea of orange brings back big memories during the 90's

    3. Keith Jackson saying whoa nelly it's going to be a dandy.

  10. Another freakin John Hinckley story on CNN today, along with a 1:44 video.

    He's been granted "full-time convalescent leave" = 96