Tuesday, May 16, 2017

22 58 85 | Markelle Fultz will be #1 pick of the NBA Draft to the Celtics after May 16, 2017 Draft Results +Lonzo Ball to Philadelphia or LA?

As I just wrote, if Celtics get #1 pick, Markelle Fultz will be the #1 pick.  It is a lock:

Now the question remains, will Lonzo Ball go to Philadelphia or Los Angeles?  Los Angeles has the #2 pick ,which only makes sense with the order being set on May 16, 2017.

5/16/2017 = 5+16+20+17 = 58

Two = 58
Big Baller = 58

Los Angeles Lakers = 58
Kobe Bryant = 58
Star = 58
Big Baller Brand is all about '58'


There is a current media rilvary being made with Kobe Bryant and Lonzo Ball.  Kobe, from Philadelphia, played for L.A.  Remember, Lonzo Ball has the same birthday as Philadelphia, October 27.

Read about Isaiah's 53 point tribute that signals Markelle Fultz to the Celtics:

Celtics won 53-games in 2016.

53, the 16th prime
UW Huskies = 53

Compare Fultz with Boston and Basketball.  Remember, in Game 7 against the Wizards, the Celtics went into the 4th quarter, with 85 points on the board, after the 13-3 run.

Fultz averaged 23.1 points per game at UW this past season, Fultz = 23*