Sunday, August 11, 2019

33 44 54 58 62 72 78 84 118 243 | Darryl Drake, Steelers WR coach, dies instantly, Sunday, August 11, 2019

D.D. 4.4.

This man died Sunday, August 11, 2019, at age 62.

*Steelers are 6-2 in Super Bowls

We see the numbers 62 and 118 often around suspicious deaths.

He has died on a date with 58 numerology as well.

8/11/2019 = 8+11+20+19 = 58

Keep in mind the NFL is America's Game, and this year the U.S.A. is 243-years-old.

Further, he died 243-days after his birthday.

The name Darryl Drake connects to Sunday in multiple ways. 

 Keep in mind the Steelers are operated by a Jesuit family, the Rooney family.

The name Darryl Drake fits in with the Jesuit Order as well.


  1. And of course Pittsburgh is 6-2 in SBs!

  2. former bears wide receiver coach as well who was apart of the 2006 super bowl team

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  4. Replies
    1. "Earthquake Code" = 62
      "Three Big Ones" = 62
      "Matter of Hours" = 62
      "Landfall" = 62
      "Signal" = 62
      "Code" = 62

  5. D.D like "dooms day"?

    1. Doomsday day reminds of what the Dallas Cowboys defense used to be called which was the Doomsday Defense

  6. Replies
    1. So does cowboys nation in full reduction

    2. I'm telling you Mackenzie C! I see a Steelers-Cowboys SB rematch! It makes logical sense!

    3. You what's funny? If you noticed on Madden 19 screen with Antonio Brown, it has a hand on the bottom that says 'Frostbite. Antonio Brown had frostbite on his feet sometime this week. The Madden Curse is real!

    4. Well also the Steelers miss out for the playoffs last year and Antonio brown also was demanding to be traded last year too so I think madden curse already got him just Antonio brown is suffering from CTE but the nfl doesn’t want anyone to know about it because I know tell he has early signs of CTE and that’s why he acting the way he is because his brain is all messed up from that his from Vontaze burfict from the Steelers bengals playoff game a couple years ago

    5. Not just that. I explained that another reason why Pittsburgh missed the playoffs is because of Oakland. Roethlisberger is 2-5 against Oakland. Those 5 loses resulted winning 8 or 9 games and missed the playoffs.

    6. I recall you saying that Dallas has the 214 area code (BTW I live in Fort Worth). Pittsburgh has a 412 area code.

    7. When the cowboys go to the SuperBowl this year it will be 24 year and 5 days since there last SuperBowl appearance which is also 8771 days Dallas Texas equals 71 in reverse full reduction and Cowboys equals 87 in reverse ordinal as in coming October 12th this year will mark 30 years of the biggest nfl trade to ever happen the Hershel walker trade which the cowboys traded him away to become the Super Bowl dynasty team of the 90s

  7. I guess my Detroit Pitt parlay won't be the play. Very annoyed with AB right now it's probably raiders Detroit ...ok 50 dollars go to work for me

  8. Andrae ColemamAugust 11, 2019 at 2:27 PM

    I'm telling you Mackenzie C! I see a Steelers-Cowboys SB rematch! It makes logical sense

    I'll have to disagree. There's no large amount of clues leading g to it.

  9. He coached on multiple teams and played on two pro teams. I doubt Pitt is strong clue. I do think DD dallas makes conf championship ,to lose it


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