Tuesday, August 6, 2019

44 58 61 68 | Trump takes on Obama, August 6, 2019 +2011 White House Correspondents Dinner reminder


What a date for Trump vs Obama, August 6, 2019.

August 6 can be written 6/8, like 68.

Take notice AOC is the headline to the right, and today is 68-days from her birthday.

Even Ocasio-Cortez sums to 68.

And then notice the story to the right of that is about a Brazilian drug dealer...

Consider, Obama just turned 58-years-old August 4, 2019, and Trump is the winner of the 58th U.S. Presidential Election.

This reminds me...

It was April 30, 2011, where Obama had a field day making jokes about if Trump was the President of the United States.... the birther argument was big that year.

4/30/11 = 4+30+11 = 45 (Trump, is now the 45th President)

Watch Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner:

In that same presentation, he makes a joke about the birther argument, and jokes he is Simba from the film the Lion King.

Remember, Obama was #44.

Obama was #44, Trump is the 44th person to be president.

Obama ran on "hope".

He was elected in 2008, 44-years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Notice also how 'The Lion King' goes with 'President Obama'.


  1. Venus Williams is playing as a wild card in the 118th Western and Southern Open in Mason Ohio. Runs August 10th - 18th. 118th mens and 91st womens though Venus just got her 243rd loss today. Wonderings if she doesn't go on a streak... She began her career near a Venus Sun conjunction and was born near a Venus Sun conjunction

    1. if she makes it two the finals she'll be at 811 wins going in which really seems improbable.

    2. Upon further review it looks as though she is actually sitting at 242 losses. That would be perfect if she made it to the finals and lost. Then she would be 811-243. That'd be perfect. Anyways, I'll keep an eye on it. Apparently, tennis statistics are somewhat notorious for being unreliable.

  2. Obama born on the 216th day of the year in 1961. 9 days or 216 hours later the construction of the Berlin wall began in August 13th, 1961.

  3. Detroit=44
    Detroit Lions=61
    That dinner was date 4/30


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