Thursday, July 21, 2016

31 127 | 2017 NBA All-Star Game cancelled for Charlotte, North Carolina, July 21, 2016 ("Bathroom Bill" related)

Charlotte, the second richest city in the United States behind only New York, thanks to all the banks being headquartered there.

As for why this news is coming today, July 21, 2016, let me take a guess.  First, this "ordeal" is connected to what has been called the "bathroom bill".

Notice how Bathroom bill sums to '127', much like the date '7/21' for July 21, in reverse.

Also, 127 is the 31st prime.  Basketball = 22/31/85

The small way, it 'bathroom bill' reminds me of basketball, a game of 5 vs 5, and which started its MVP award in '55.

It is also a location of 'prophecy', a big number in the NBA Finals that concluded June 19, 2016.

Charlotte = 39 (# of books in Old Testament, which Revelation, book of prophecy is based on)
North Carolina = 67 (Revelation)

This is the second 'basketball' related story impacting North Carolina in the past year.  Earlier, a game was canceled against Duke between Albany, from New York, over this same debate.