Sunday, July 3, 2016

303 | The unlikley godfather of ISIS, CNN feature story on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Honestly, I can't stop laughing at this headline, or the photo.  That Godfather glare!

Interesting numbers.

Assassin = 411 (Jewish Gematria)
New York City = 168 (Simple English)


  1. Today is the 186th day of the year.

  2. KD to Golden State! I love ESPNs pic of him looking like an evil schemer in the Orange Uni.

  3. Waiting now for them to "flesh this guy out" -- give us stories about "where he went wrong" & "how society failed him" .. (sort of along the lines of: Hitler Couldn't' Get Into Art School, So He Became A Dictator!) Where are the dashed hopes? The crumpled dreams that molded This Mad Man?!?! Lol

    For a good holiday chuckle, check out: "The Crossroads Of History - Adolf Hitler Applies To Art School" (on yt). ;D :D

    1. I'm sure he never really knew his mother, no great sympathetic villain ever does. Let's see if he grants a mainstreamer an interview. Known of them ever do it for the people, its either to attack the Western devil or for their personal gain. I want the other arm of the story.

    2. *None of them. As Yoda always said, Stoned typing difficult, it is.

    3. Haha -- so THAT'S why Yoda's eyes always looked so red & squinty!

      Maybe this villain just "Misses His Arm" ... if we could hook him up with that FOOT IN RIO -- he'd look "unique" ... & maybe THEN he'd feel "whole enough" to end this ISIS bullshit ... Nah -- that's above his pay grade! ;D :D