Sunday, July 3, 2016

33 | CNN, 11,000 failed attempts to change America, July 3, 2016

11,000, eh?  Where's the list?

27 passed, 6 failed...

27+6 = 33


  1. eleventhousand = 99/72(Eng Gem) 66 inversion and school/world,
    62(J) like Mason, 66(EO) like fifty... sum of divisors is 144,
    156(EO,s) false flag, thirty-three, six six six, The Number of a Man (EO), As above, so below(EO), Mount Hermon(EO) is on 33rd parallel, february second(EO) or 2/2 is the 33rd day of the year, arsenic(33 P) has atomic #33 33 = 156 July fourth (7/4) 156(EO) Scottish Rite 33rd degree is Inspector General, "House of the Temple" has 33 pillars all 33 ft tall and is addressed 1733 16th St, Brotherhood of Saturn has Grandmaster as 33rd degree and 911 is also the 156th prime,
    57(P) like Scottish Rite and thirty-seven

  2. The other roughly estimated 10,967 proposals that apparently fall into the 'fuck you' category, not passed not failed, are on a ceiling banner that stretches 225 feet in the National Archives Building.

    Ceiling Banner=113

    1. It shows it quickly in the video you linked.