Sunday, July 17, 2016

33 46 60 118 | Three police feared dead in Baton Rouge, July 17, 2016 headlines

Police = 33
Baton Rouge = 46/118 (Sacrifice = 46) (Hate Crime = 46) (Death = 118)

Today is a ripe date for a police shooting.

7/17/2016 = 7+17+(2+0+1+6) = 33
7/17/2016 = 7+17+20+16 = 60

I'll update when more details are out.  This comes 12-days after the July 5, Alton Sterling shooting.


  1. Hey zach, off topic. About sb51.. is it possible the Carolina panthers could make it again. I seen recently, pictures of Sam Mills.. the guy you created the keep pounding saying for panthers.. his number is 51. He died in early 2000s. But recently I be seeing #51 for sb51.. any gematria scenerios for carolina. I know your top picks are colts, giants, vikings, falcons and packers.

    1. I shouldn't overlook the Panthers, I will research that. My buddy thinks they're going back for sure.

    2. You know the cam newton is owed big time for throwing the sb last season. Just like Vikings and that botched kick.

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      92/29(EO) 29 is 10th prime like Mason, Masonic
      83(EO, s exception) 23rd prime like Colorado
      74(EO, k exception) like bathtub, bow tie, cross, Illuminati, Jewish, Lucifer, Masonic


    4. Shooting said to be on "Airline Highway" and "Old Hammond Highway"
      "airline highway"
      86(EO) symbol, triange, pyramid also like 8/6/1945 bombing
      84(Eng Gem,J!!) like United States of America
      86(Eng Reduction/P for Pythagorean)

      "airline hwy"
      61(B,EO) 61 is 18th prime church, God, Hebrew, religious, ritual murder
      87/60(Eng Gem) Truth/Justice and conspiracy
      59(J) kill/forty-four, fifty-nine

      "old hammond highway"
      1080(Eng Gem) like 18
      162(Eng Gem)
      99(Eng Gem) thirteen sums to 99, inverted is 66
      85(J) like basketball

      "old hammond hwy"
      155(EO) like 55
      65(EO,P) like Florida, Kansas and United Kingdom
      60(J) like conspiracy and police

      "Broadmoor" area
      A lot of coding for 347(J), 47(EO)
      47 like authority, cross, injustice (s exception), Jesus, Masonic, time

      Near the "B-Quik" Convenience Store. Police frequently "gather there"
      112/31/22(B) alt 911, cube and master number 22
      360/36/27(Eng Gem) like 360 degrees, 36, 6x6 and Freemason
      60/24(EO,P) conspiracy, police

      Initial reports are that officers are said to be in "very grave condition"
      226(B,EO!!) like 2/26 or 6/22 or inverted 2/29 or 922 Biblical meaning of 226 is "Endless Strife" and is frequently coded with 93
      100(B,P!!) like Ordo Templi Orientis(EO)
      114(Eng Gem)
      96(J) like Freemason

      Heard gunshots on video, sounds like rifle to me. Sounds a little deep to be AR.
      Initially, 2 officers confirmed dead and they are considering there are 2 suspects. Two is the number of division.
      First interview with "Mayor Kip Holden" asks people to "pray." He says he's been mayor for 12 years and says that "three are feared dead"
      "Our Lady of the Lake" which somehow took the time to "lowered the flag to half staff"

      So much to decode, but looks really pushed.
      Rinse and repeat.

  3. According to Kip Holden, mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish,
    "The situation is still very, very fluid" = 156
    Thirty-Three = 156
    False Flag = 33
    False Flag = 156

  4. 3 dead 3 wounded.

    Lets not forget the symbolism as well. Baton Rouge, La is FRENCH. Louisiana Purchase bought from France.

    30 degrees N 91 degrees W

    Other things folks need to know in general...

    Freemasons hold that, 1 corinthians 13 is paramount to their core values. The real reason 113's are important.

    47 is important because of Pythagoras (THE HYPOTENUSE OF A TRIANGLE GUY), the mathematician who was elevated to Master Mason. M M flip the m's 90 degrees and you have 33's. Plus reduced 13 and 13 goes 3 and 3. Also remember every triangle has 3 sides, 3 angles and 3 sides. 333.

    Now go code.