Sunday, July 17, 2016

33 46 51 64 142 | Mark Dice decoded (Major 'race war' contributor in Summer of 2016)

Mark = 4+1+9+2 = 16/25
Dice = 4+9+3+5 = 21
Mark Dice = 37/46

Mark = 13+1+18+11 = 43
Dice = 4+9+3+5 = 21
Mark Dice = 64 (Israel) (Zion) (Thelema)

Notice when Mark Dice was born, December 21, or 12/21.

12/21 = 12+21 = 33

In recent days, Mark Dice has become a major advocate for the Police, and a major hater of black men.  His year of birth is fitting, '77.

His supposed place of birth connects to 'conspiracy' and 'federal', and Mark Dice is clearly a federal agent, spreading nothing but propaganda and deceit.

'Wisconsin' also connects to his 'MD' initials.

M = 13 = 1+3 = 4; D = 4; MD = 44

Notice he is from San Diego, tying in with him being a Zionist bitch.

Wikipedia loves to add pictures with dates of significance.  Notice this is taken from October 12,

10/12/2009 = 10+12+20+09 = 51

Freemason = 42/51
Zionism = 42/51


  1. I knew that guy was a fraud!! Nice Work as always!

  2. Zach, I was wondering what you thought of this. Earlier today we had John Kerry talking about the attacks that were inspired by Isis. We got 177 from Inspired by Isis. What if he was coding today's attack as well, maybe giving it the all clear?

    Inspired by Dallas--170, 1020
    Lots of 1s and 7s on the Invictus Road. Also, 12 is all over the event. Maybe the location? Interstate 12 is Baton Rouge.

    Also--Inspired by Dallas--835J=The Personification of Hate.

    835 looks like an 88 to me.

    And Baton Rouge popped off right around the time John-boy was finished.

    1. That's a great thought.
      Kerry = 11+5+18+18+25 = 77

    2. Need to look out for morning press conferences from big wigs with later events. Could be something.

  3. I guess this Mark Dice guy is for white race-baiters what Sharpton and Jackson are for black race-baiters.
    Great big box of tools, the entire lot!

  4. There was a time that I found his man on the street segments funny, but what woke me up about him was when he started calling his own fan base idiots for believing that Sandy Hook was a hoax. This sellout is controlled opposition 110%. He associates with Alex Jones, so that's all you need to know.

    1. How painful. Jackasses like this shouldn't prosper from their crap, and yet they always seem to!

  5. People like him go to show that you don't need gematria to show how deceptive they are. A little common sense goes a long way.

  6. His name was a giveaway for me.

  7. Dude. I'm Back. Went fishing for a couple days. I love this post. You rock! I forgot about Mark Dice. I sniffed him out many years ago. I'm gonna rip some numbers on his ass, see if I can find some stuff.

    1. Mark Dice launched "Operation inform the Troops" about 911 being an inside job.

      "Operation inform the Troops" = 142 & 322 <==
      "Forty Two" = 142

      "Military Industrial Complex" = 322

      Nuff said

    2. Yo Ed.....oh yeah. Me the old lady, Sunshine, Brook and Rainbow Trout, and a Lake practically to ourselves. If you can't have fun doing that.....then you don't know what "Fun" is. I caught some nice Brook Trout with my Fly Rod...Good Times.

  8. While all eyes are on the Cleveland Con, not many seem to be looking at the Philly event.
    It had a familiar digit

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania =235, 1611J

    Philadelphia, PA=118(I know we just saw that, can't recall), 266J

    Wells Fargo Center--183=Order Out of Chaos

    DNCC--24, 144, 50J

    The logo has to 2016 with the zero replaced by thr Libert Bell so 216 are the only actual numbers.

    Liberty Bell--122, 732, 663J

    And with our favorite 33 addition
    The Liberty Bell--155, 930, 776J(A mash up of shooting dates)

    Democratic National convention committee- --414(41+14=55)

  9. Cavs 216
    Trump Pence= TP= toilet paper
    Mark dice
    Mark= target or informant
    Dice= gamble , cube , roller

  10. Before I fully realized that Dice was a shill ( which probably took all of two videos to figure out), I remember thinking his videos were irritating as crap. Nothing but heresay and conjecture while he rambles on for 5 minutes scrolling support fast through different tabs on his computer, telling you nothing in the end. What a fucking douche.

  11. Find the same with Alex Jones' -> Alexander Emerick Jones -> born 2.11.1974 -> Simple Englisch Gemetria 112 or 11/2

  12. Alex Jones = Infowars = 105 (simple gem)
    Dallas = Texas = 13 (pyth. gem)

  13. Dice Agent Provocateur" in the English Ordinal system equals 222

    Dice Agent Provocateur" in the English Reduction system equals 96

    Mark Dice Agent Provocateur" in the English Reduction system equals 112

    222-96= .. 126 ..

    Infowars Divide and Conquer" in the English Reduction system equals 126

    Mark Dice's First Book:

    The Illuminati Facts and Fiction" in the English Reduction system equals 126

    One Two Six" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    One Hundred Twenty Six" in the English Reduction system equals 96

    One Twenty Six" in the English Reduction system equals 58

  14. Mark Dice birth name was Mark Shouldice (Surname has Jewish ancestry) They used to even list this alias on the Zionist-Jew controlled Wikipedia website but I checked today and Mark was NO longer identified by Shouldice but his name is just listed as Dice.

    I'm glad someone else remembered this info as well. Here is a another link.

  15. I've also seen where some people say he is really River Phoenix who faked his death. Who knows really.

    Most would agree he is an actor agent who speaks some truth and provokes as well.

    What is an ACTOR?
    "A Slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master's business or affairs " Source: Black's Law Dictionary: