Thursday, July 21, 2016

33 74 119 | Donald Trump's July 21, 2016 speech, 10:19 EST to 11:33 EST

I was watching the clock for the start at end time, from 10:19 PM EST to 11:33 PM EST is precisely 74-minutes.  We'll see how the papers report it soon enough.


Masonic = 74
Jewish = 74

And again, they like to pair '74' with '33'.  The speech ended at 11:33 in Cleveland.

Cleveland = 33


  1. Holy Crap...I can't believe you left this huge Meatball for me to take downtown.

    "I alone can fix it" = 142
    "Forty Two" = 142
    "Freemason" = 42

    Thats a 3 run dinger right there.

    1. I already covered it on an earlier post. I suck

  2. I didn't watch it, did not want to risk puking and wasting my dinner on Donald Dump.

  3. NFL Coach Dennis Green dead at 67...

    1. Blood Sacrifice =. 67. Could be a sacrifice for the Vikings to go far, green will be best remembered for his 15-1 season with the Vikings.

    2. A lot of nfl news today, bell is facing suspension, elliot is accused of beating his girlfriend.

    3. Green remembered for Vikings and Cardinals. They are who we said they were.

    4. That's why we took the damn field Zach. You wanna crown em? Then crown their ass, but the masons are who we though they were AND WE LET EM OFF THE HOOK.

  4. "Shooting spree" in a mall in Munich... Let's wait for details on this Pi Day 22/7...

    1. Recently i saw something in the media about the Spielberg movie Munich, the movie about the 11 Isralei athletes who die in the 1972 Olympics

  5. I watched the convention on MSNBC. Prior to it starting, they were making a big deal that 125K balloons were scheduled to drop at precisely 10:53 (153). When Trump blew passed that mark, I thought he would continue 42 minutes (to 11:35) because, you've taught us that, 153 is often paired with 42. My iPhone read 11:36 when the balloons dropped.
    Foiled by a minute! Oh well. Here are some other observations:

    10:17 = 117 (7/11) takes stage

    10:18 = "Thank you, thank you"

    10:19 = 119 (9/11) "... accept your nomination..."

    11:33 = "God bless you and good night. I love you"
    1133 (3311) = 11 + 33 = 44
    113 + 3 = 116 or 911 inverted

    11:35 = Rudy Giuliani was shown on camera looking up at the ceiling and saying "where are the balloons?"

    11:36 = 1136 (36/11) = Balloons drop
    11/Three 6s = 11/666

  6. This riddle is simple.
    He declares the "system is rigged"
    And only he can "Fix" IT to favor the knight race.
    Once Hilary "steals" the election like Trump claims .. " Hilirary is a thief" he refers to her husbands business with the Arabs.

  7. My super bowl prediction
    Panthers 23. Patriots 22

    The media is going to claim trump either loses in a close race or recount in Florida .
    Florida= 38
    Super Bowl 38. Pats vs panthers @ NRG Houston
    Brady will go 12-0 beat colts going to Super Bowl 51
    Cam newton voted number #1 by the nfl will go to super bowl , ironically he stated " Brady or JJ Watt deserve #1. Brady loses like Trump in same manor.
    Race war continues folks.