Saturday, July 23, 2016

35 44 | 'Union Jack', the British Flag, and the courtyard of the Vatican

According to Jordan Maxwell, the courtyard of the Vatican is what the British flag, 'Union Jack', is modeled after.

Notice the courtyard is a 'key'.


  1. A lot of talk about a United Ireland referendum in the papers in Ireland. That would cause some trouble for a lot of people!

    1. I doubt that the mostly Protestant Northern Ireland population would be too happy to join the rest of Ireland. They are permitted to have a vote to leave the British Union any time they want, or so I've been told.

    2. You're right, they wouldn't.
      A lot of chaos would ensue.
      The Irish government are talking about it and that has never happened before.
      The protestant population have been let down by the British government before. It wouldn't surprise me to see this all go down soon.

    3. Its divide and sit back and conquer all over the World now. All the old scabs are being ripped off in order to bleed fresh. A little Orange vs Green in Ireland fits the scheme.

      My little bro's Godparents are Irish Protestants and we used to get along great until about 84 or 85, then we never spoke again. We were raised Catholic. I always figured it was over the same ole shite.