Wednesday, July 6, 2016

33 38 43 67 | Minnesota police shoot Philando Castile, unarmed black man, July 6, 2016

Now a July 6 shooting of a black man by police in Minnesota.  The name connects to the date, written 6/7.

Philando Castile = 67/76
Blood Sacrifice = 67/76
Freemasonry = 58/67
Alton Sterling = 58/67

The name 'Castile' also connects to 'police' and 'race war'.

Castile = 3+1+1/10+2+9+3+5 = 24/33 (Police = 33) (Race War = 33)
Philando = 7+8+9+3+1+5+4+6 = 43 (Civil War)

Minnesota also connects to 'Louisiana', where Alton Sterling was just shot.

Falcon Heights also has a connection to 'Civil Rights'.


  1. Because the first thing I would think to do is start a LiveStream video if a loved one (or anyone really) was having serious medical issues or bleeding to death.

    1. how would you know? if she did anything else, pretty sure she'd been shot too

    2. How would YOU know ... How could YOU be "PRETTY SURE" about ANYTHING to do with this ... WERE YOU THERE? Slither away troll.

    3. EXACTLY -- more total bullshit. They're crankin' it up right along with the hot temps. When the Heat Index goes up -- they ratchet up the psy-ops along with it. That troll who made the shitty comment is either a bot or a prisoner trying to get into the Second Chance Program ... So fuck 'em & feed 'em fish heads. ;D :D

    4. I would understand a video but a fb stream would be more prone to crash/take longer to load. Maybe I have shitty wifi lol.

    5. When stopped by police, one should not make ANY moves or intentions without being TOLD TO DO SO. As a concealed carry holder, most would understand this concept...
      And yes, I STILL find it dubious that instead of attempting to get assistance, her priority was to LiveStream a death. That is VERY odd if you want the 'shot' person to LIVE.

  2. Wtf these names? So fake
    A blend of Orlando and

    Castile as in soap?

    1. I think you're right on target with the names! The word connections you come up with are always interesting too -- gets my brain looking outward at the bigger picture. Thanks!! :D ;D

    2. Philando ... Also Subliminal for Philanderer? ;D

  3. Roseville

    That's two minnies/Littles
    Minnie Mouse
    Many apples
    Apollo Isis

  4. Philando=79 474 43 just like murder 79,474 and reflection of 43-34

  5. lol so these ppl are not dying? its all fake , lol wow . lay off of the crack

    1. So u believe everything the media tells you? This story is true because...why exactly? Because u saw it on tv? Somebody "caught" it on video... just like a reality show? Those r totally real too, right?

      Somebody would surely tell the media if the story they were running was not true. They obviously care about telling us 100% truth at all times because we pay their salary right? Well no, they get paid to report what they r told to report. If your boss tells u to do something u do it, or u get fired. that's how it works in every other field, why would it be different for the media?

      Do you think politicians tell the truth or do they lie nonstop? Yet the news is real?

      Perhaps u should think about why someone is trustworthy and deserves to be believed.
      If u think you aren't being lied to then you r the one on crack. Derp!

  6. I'm not sure any of my You Tube posts have been getting through lately, so I'm gonna put this here too ... RE: THE "ZEBRA STRIPE" IN THE ALTON STERLING VIDEO.

    Look into ... THE ZEBRA COALITION ... 911 N. MILLS AVE. ... ORLANDO, FL. (!!)

    Co-Founder Jefferson R. Voss is a Senior Director at THE TAVISTOCK GROUP.

    They CLAIM to help Homeless, Drug Addicted LGBT Teens In Orlando (now THAT'S a mighty specific group ...!) -- but it's easy to see that they're part of a larger org.

    Board Member: Stephanie Allen has ties to the NBA & various sports teams.

    Google this Board Member: PAUL F. BRYAN + ZIO ... & click on the page for ZIO in Lexington, KY. You'll find all the connections needed to produce a shitty video -- just like the Alton Sterling "Zebra Signature In The Middle" video!

    Just knowing that TAVISTOCK is involved should be enough! Remember -- HILLARY is a TAVISTOCK BOARD MEMBER ... so I guess this means that when she DOES plump her fat ass down in the Oval Office (again) -- it'll be Open Season ... & we'll be Officially Certified As -- Nothing But A Country Full Of TAVISTOCK Lab Rats ... ;D :D

    1. Yes, Tavistock is creepy outfit. One of the creators of the Beatles rock group, amongst other things.

    2. Would you mind checking the comments under the Philando video & letting me know if you see my post? On my device it shows up, but when I checked with someone else's, it wasn't there. Curious to know if the problem's "local" ( on my end) ... or with yt. Thanks for your help! ;D :D

    3. I didn't see anywhere to comment.

    4. So -- no comment under the Philando video from "That Mfsyy" (me -- lol!), right? I've been posting comments on some of Zach's videos, but I think they're being filtered out (NOT by him, though). For awhile now, I haven't seen any comments on his YT channel from ANY of the "regulars" (like us ... lol!). That's what got me to wondering if "certain viewers'" comments just weren't being shown.

      After awhile, you'd think SOMEBODY familiar would comment ... but lately it's all been commenters I've never seen before. I wonder if others are experiencing the same thing -- thinking their YT comment is showing up because THEY can see it ... & never realizing that No One Else BUT THEM -- CAN see it. (Does that make sense? Lol)

      Thank You VERY MUCH for helping clear that up ... Once again, you've Solved The Mystery! Might have to nickname you Scooby ... or do you prefer Shaggy?!? Lol ;D :D

    5. +That Mfsyy, sorry... I've been busy so not around much...
      I see no comment by you (That Mfsyy) under the Philando blog post of Zach's.
      I have had posts not show up, but it has been on my side with Blogger's lack of refreshing comments... We as a group have noted comment counts being 'stuck' or not allowing comments to be posted at this blog (Zach noted this at one point).
      Through my email comments, it seems a number of trolls have been commenting, yes. But I've also seen a number of others like you, Ed and Prunella... so I am guessing it's just an uptick of trolls. I've noticed when searching events on Google that Zach's blog posts are showing up pretty near the top of my results! I am guessing that this is not just me since I have that turned off for Google... but somehow Zach's blog IS GETTING a lot of search engine attention.

    6. I might note that the search engine giving this blog more attention has brought in trolls, but it also seems it has brought in some new gematria blood...
      Maybe some of our newer comment posters/Zach followers can tell us how they found Zach's blog and/or YoutTube channel(s)?

    7. Thanks for your input! Now I know that my comments aren't making it onto YT. It hadn't occurred to me that some weren't making it onto the blog site as well, but apparently that's happening too.

      I was watching some Truthiracy3 vids awhile ago & he's seriously under attack -- being hacked in a major way. I hate to think like this, but I have a feeling we're going to see more of this shit ... the cuffs are being drawn tighter.

      I am glad though, to see that Zach's picked up a lot of actual Truthseekers! We'll have to make damn sure this momentum doesn't lose steam ... because the more this info spreads, the harder it'll be to suppress.

      Again, thank you VERY, VERY MUCH for letting me know about my absent posts! We may have to get redundant about posting info that we think might be important ... & watching each other's backs if someone seems suspiciously absent from posting. (We all need a break on occasion, but now we'll also have to consider the possibility that messages simply aren't being shown.)

      Just being AWARE that our comments are subject to "being disappeared" -- on HERE as well as YT -- is probably more important than we may currently realize. If I had to guess, I'd say this has several purposes -- to silence information ... to make the community of Truthseekers less cohesive ... probably hoping to goad some into feeling they're being ignored, so they lose interest or stop contributing ... & of course -- to distort Zach's (& everyone else's) perceptions about the TRUE level of interest in his work. But -- Forewarned Is Forearmed, so I'll just redouble my efforts!! :D ;D :D :D

    8. +That Msfyy, any time! Also, to be clear... I do not see any comments from you (That Msfyy) under EITHER of the Philando/Sterling videos on EITHER of Zach's YT channels.
      Also keep in mind, that as most operations are done, there will be those who appear to be valid, but are just laying in wait to supply opposition to 'sway' the rest of us. Sadly, those who may seem 'on board' now, really aren't. *sigh*
      But I'm not crazy (says every crazy person)... and you can TRUST ME... (says every politician and untrustworthy person on the planet!). :)

    9. Wow -- thanks for the added clarity! I never would've been certain this was actually happening without your help (& you too, Ed Maphis!). It's so easy to think these things are imagined ... which makes the confirmation you provided even more appreciated. It was really kind of you to take the time to check into this ... especially since now we know "comment reception verification" (lol) is not something we can do on our own. MY devices indicate that the comments I made under his videos are STILL showing up just fine!

      For the record -- I DO Trust You ... & ... I KNOW that you're definitely NOT "crazy"!! (Lol) You're insightful & intelligent ... qualities that don't have to be "seen" (in a physical form) to be Understood.

      They've decimated Our Trust In Each Other to the point that "Trust" is barely more than a hypocritical buzzword. REAL TRUST ... that grows out of UNDERSTANDING someone ... barely exists anymore -- because so few people make ANY effort to actually LISTEN.

      Therefore, I think it's becoming essential to LET THOSE WE TRUST ... KNOW THAT WE TRUST THEM.

      There was a '90's sci-if show called "CRUSADE" -- that opened each episode with a voiceover asking: "Who ARE You? Who Do You SERVE? And ... WHO - DO - YOU - TRUST?" These are questions EVERYONE should be asking themselves.

      Like you ... Zach ... & many other trustworthy Truthseekers ... I'M not out to harm ANYONE. I only want to learn & to help. And ... I'm not crazy either, lol! (Luckily though, OUR "Perception" does not "Conform to the Norm"! lol)

      Isn't it funny how everything language-related seems upside down & "Inside Out" (exactly like that horrible movie!)? People who "vow" & "proclaim" are usually lying ... yet honest, truthful people are seldom believed. We live in an Inverted Reality indeed.

      BONO ANIMO ESTO -- Be Of Good Courage ... my trusted friend! ;D :D

    10. +That Mfsyy...I am thinking this will not be the last time we will need to "reality check" each other, so I am glad I could oblige! I dread when I will need the same, but am relieved I can count on you for said 'check'. :)
      We do have a nice group here, in all, I think! Anyway, you give me hope to think so anyway... Whether that is good or bad (to hope), will remain to be seen, eh? ;)

    11. Yes -- "Reality Checks" probably ARE are going to become "The New Normal" (damn them!). But at least we're onto it now, & that's a step in the right direction. I've definitely got your back ... we're not as dumb as they'd like us to be, so we'll find ways around this -- of that I am certain!

      "Hope" really sounds hollow doesn't' it? We need a better word .., one that actually MEANS what we used to think Hope implied. It's easy to see why the Elite love using Latin ... with it's multiple layers of meaning still intact. But ... we've been deprived of THAT language too -- so we're stuck with English ... a language that's constantly being shrunk & watered-down.

      Right now I'm drawing a blank on a replacement for Hope ... let me know if you've got any ideas. We may have to look towards Spanish -- that language STILL retains words with extremely specific meanings. (I'm suddenly aware of the numerous Non-Specific meanings that "crazy" has in English! Lol)

      I have to say though -- this discussion HAS provided a nice mental respite from the current onslaught of "Cops & Murder". So at least there's THAT "silver lining"!! (Lol, lol) ;D :D

  7. This might be a moot point, but on his Facebook page, it says he works for the University of Minnesota, not St. Paul's Public school that the gf said. He does have a lot of friends on there, saw pictures of him and his mom but no pictures of him and his gf - granted, I'm not friends with him so I don't have access to all of his pictures. Either way, has me questioning things, and numbers definitely don't lie.

  8. Back to back = 69
    race war = 69

    What does "back to back" consciously communicate to the hip-hop community?: Drake's 2 hit diss tracks to philly rapper meek mill.

    Charged up: 47 --> 74
    Back to back = 24 --> 42
    If youve been following Zach i dont think i need to explain these.

    six god = 33
    diamond (the gf)= 33 (drake's dog is named diamond)

    Ever since Drake came on to the scene, all people can talk about is lightskin vs darkskin. Mainstream rap itself has done a lot for racial division. When fox news white people diss hip hop, theyre really dissing their entire way of life.
    "Fuck the police." - Baton Rouge native, Lil Boosie.
    Just my 2 cents.

  9. The CNN video clip of this fake shit is 2:39

  10. The CNN video clip of this fake shit is 2:39

  11. As I begin to see the chaos that is exposed, I still wonder and it may be because I'm newly exposed to the hoaxes you bring up. I'm believing you each and everytime.
    Are they using Patsy's to kill people off? People are still dying? That's where I'm trying to really see the reality of all this. If these hoaxes or planned drills are happening, then they are killing innocent people in the process?