Thursday, July 21, 2016

44 64 | Pokemon Go interrupts ISIS briefing at State Department, July 21, 2016

This is good, Pokemon Go interrupts an ISIS briefing at the State Department.

July 21 has been ripe with headlines.

7/21/16 = 7+21+16 = 44
Military = 44

7/21/2016 = 7+21+20+16 = 64
State Department = 64


  1. "State Department" = 181 [18*81 = 1458 + 8541 = 9999]

    Its (4)9's like "Revelation" = 49 or,
    "Nine Nine Nine Nine" = 96 = Freemason

  2. Ironic that the State Department speaker was named 'John Kirby' :D . The Nintendo game character called, 'Kirby', was named after a John Kirby ... A lot of people in gaming world used to think Kirby was a Pokemon ... He's a little Pink blob thing ... The character, 'Kirby', has made a few appearances in Pokemon games over the years ... Seems no info is arbitrary any more eh ;)

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    2. Wow now that's funny John Kirby hahaha

    3. Feck sorry wrong link. Any gamer head will prob think the same reading that. I was big into the old Nintendo in late 80's early 90's :D ... Thankfully missing the Pokemon. I'll never understand Pokemon Go ... Seen loads of the lads plain it, cheering when they catch some inbred lookin dog. I dunno ... worlds gone mad.

    4. I think it is an attempt to get kids and nerds to go out and catch some fresh air.

  3. The street signs where I live now say " No Pokemon Go while driving it's the law" lol
    Shits everywhere except the TRUTH

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