Saturday, July 23, 2016

44 | Munich Mall shooter said to be 'teen', July 22, 2016

They are not putting out the name of 'teen' shooter.

Teen = 20+5+5+14 = 44 (Shooting) (Kill)

They are saying the teen is 'German-Iranian', which reminds of the Berlin Baghdad railroad that factored into the start of World War I.  Iran is the neighbor of Iraq, nations carved up after the World Wars.

Parliament = 109
199, the 46th prime.


  1. The neighbors say the teen's name was 'Ali Somboly.' Ali = 13, another 13 connection to the hoax. Ali is also 22 in English Ordinal, the attack happened on the 22nd. 'Ali Somboly' = 42.

  2. And pay attention to how close his name is to Somebody and he was just some random body just shot up the Mickey Ds.
    11,692 days since the big McDonalds shooting in 1984

    1. One fry short of a full happy meal -- 333/135/1797