Tuesday, July 19, 2016

45 84 | Denzel Valentine's Summer League Championship game winner, July 18, 2016 (Tribute to Michigan State and Illinois)

Here is a highlight of the game winning shot.  You have to like that it was 82-82 before the shot, the number of games in the NBA Regular Season.  Valentine put in the 84th point, a tribute possibly to his Michigan State Spartans.  Michigan State Spartans = 84



Denzel Valentine was considered to be one of the best players in college basketball.  Do you recall how his exit from March Madness was synched up with Valentine's Day?  Checkout my older blog post.

Notice he is currently 22.  Basketball = 2+1+1+2+5+2+2+1+3+3 = 22/31

Denzel = 4+5+5+8+5+3 = 30
Valentine = 4+1+3+5+5+2+9+5+5 = 39 (Lost in tournament 33-days after Valentine's)
Denzel Valentine = 69

Denzel = 4+5+14+26+5+12 = 66
Valentine = 22+1+12+5+14+20+9+14+5 = 102
Denzel Valentine = 168

11/16/1993 = 11+16+19+93 = 139 (Freemasonry)
11/16/1993 = 11+16+(1+9+9+3) = 49
11/16/1993 = 1+1+1+6+1+9+9+3 = 31 (Basketball)
11/16/93 = 11+16+93 = 120

He plays for 'Michigan State Spartans'.

Michigan State = 4+9+3+8+9+7+1+5+1+2+1+2+5 = 57/66
Spartans = 1+7+1+9+2+1+5+1 = 27/36/45 (Wears #45)
Michigan State Spartans = 84/93/111

The fact that he now plays in the state of Illinois connects to the whole '45' theme, the number he still wears for the Bulls.  It also connects to Valentine's Day, which is on the 45th day of the year, Feb. 14.

Illinois = 9+3+3+9+5+6+9+1 = 45

Think about how Obama (84) is connected to Illinois, as well as Hillary, who is running to be the 45th President of the United States.

Read about tournament loss, March 18, 2016, here:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/03/44-81-144-middle-tennessee-upsets.html

It was a span of 123-days from the college loss to the NBA Summer League win.


  1. Lol I was like "Denzel Washington has a basketball league?..."

  2. Have to presume they'll be deep into this years Final Four, after last year's lovely one and done, Middle Tennessee State disaster.

    1. Darius, just change your name back. We all know that it's you. You only respond to zach's sports related posts. You're a fan who rags on rigging but knows loads of stats.

    2. You're on another level of retarded if you really think that's Darius. But even if it was, what's wrong with knowing loads of stats? Here's a stat for you... 99% of your comments are trolling Darius when 50% of the time it's not even Darius. Good job.

  3. Valentines Day also the 45th day. November 16th leaves 45 days in the year.

  4. Wow, in that photo you see 25 twice. I guess they are pushing 25.

  5. Do you think the summer league semifinals which was bulls vs cavs foreshadows the bulls upsetting the cavs in the up and coming eastern conference finals?

    1. The problem with that thought is Orlando also has a summer league on by your thinking I guess Timberwolves will play the Suns in the wcf as well

  6. Makes me think of Horace Grant, ex-Bull, 51, 7/4 bday

  7. They were definitely using magnetic rims for buzzer beating shots lol. I guess they want to draw more fans to the Vegas summer league.