Tuesday, July 19, 2016

47 58 122 139 | Max Spiers reported death (Jeff Young radio show coverage)

Jeff Young is giving a tribute to a reportedly dead UFO researcher, Max Spiers, so I'm reading up on his death.  I cannot find his birthday so it is hard to make any observations with the gematria study.  No matter what happened to Max, the reporting sheds more light on the history of UFOs by the numbers, even the fates of researchers of the subject.


137?  33rd prime number.

The history of UFOs is by the numbers, and there is a whole lot of '33' in their history.

Nigel = 14+9+7+5+12 = 47
Watson = 23+1+20+19+15+14 = 92
Nigel Watson = 139 (Freemasonry)

Nigel = 5+9+7+5+3 = 29
Watson = 5+1+2+1+6+5 = 20/29
Nigel Watson = 49/58 (Freemasonry = 58)

UFO = 21+6+15 = 42 (Freemason)

The claim by Nigel Watson is based on the work of 'Otis Binder'.  Look at the name Otis Binder in light of 'Unidentified Flying Object'.

Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon Method)
Elohim = 122 (Jewish)


  1. I had a book by Otto Binder when I was a kid. Certainly got me into aliens and ufos for quite a while. Now I see that's it's all made up nonsense.