Thursday, July 7, 2016

47 67 76 | May 20, 2016 White House shooting of Jesse Olivieri released (COMEDY GOLD!!!!)

Please begin by watching this video:

The video was released a week ago, it is supposedly from the May 20, 2016 active shooter drill.

Notice the name of the victim, Jesse Olivieri.

Freemasonry = 67

In Simple English Gematria his name is also interesting.

His place of birth also fits the picture.

In Simple English it is even more interesting.

This scare shutdown the White House, where the 'President' resides; the "house" on Pennsylvania Ave.


  1. Lol it looks so funny the cops look like there going to trip over each other when the one cop is handcuffing the guy lol

    And in dallas its now 11 officers shot and 4 killed.

  2. And there playing a clip on cnn thats 45 seconds long of the shooting, dont know if theres a connect there.

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  4. dallas area rapid transit = 223 88
    DART 43
    greg abbott (texas gov) 43, 97
    'everyone was screaming' 97 241
    trump 88
    7/7/16 = 32 (obama)(protest)
    dallas 49
    david brown (police chief) 49
    baton rouge 118
    dallas texas 118
    kept showing "nola" restaurant on CNN live. Nola = 42 , 111
    officers killed at protest (headline) 106