Thursday, July 21, 2016

83 227 | Fox News July 21, 2016 Trump speech coverage, 'Humbly and Gratefully'

The 227 surely represents politicians talking bullshit in circle and cycles.


  1. The Donald spoke for 74 minutes.

    1. Yes, I caught that as well, 10:19 to 11:33. Masonic/Jewish

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  3. Trump's speech just concluded some key things I caught:

    He says his job plan will create "twenty trillion" 216 (O) in growth for the country same as Cleveland's area code and like the year 2016.

    Trump mentioned the greatest currency manipulators, made me think of Muhammad Ali, the greatest, Ali was born on january 17th, from that date to and including today is 187 days (6 months 3 days).

    He wants a list of wasteful spending that he can eliminate in his first "one hundred days" 157 (O) same as "United States" 157 (O)

    He said that the US will "never ever again" make bad trade deals 74 (R) same as masonic 74 (O).

    he says people will "Start believing" 163 (O) in the us again same 1-63 which sums up to 2016

    he said 'America is back' 50 (R) same as the number of states.

    In essence more BS about the US that will never be fulfilled.

    1. Not Trump related, but I've been noticing a bunch of advertising for the new boxing movie coming out called "hands of stone" about Sugar Ray Leonard.

      The movie comes out August 26th, 2016
      which is 223 days (7 months 10 days) including the movie release date after January 17th, muhammad ali's birthday.

      It also comes out 84 days (2 months 23 days) after muhammad ali died not including the movie release date.

      So both dates have connections to the movie and 223 which is also 322 the masonic number on the skull and bones logo.

      The movie will definitely have coded connections to Ali in it and I wouldn't be surprised if you see Sugar Ray Leonard pass away 223/322 days after the movie comes out to continue the trend.

    2. The 223 on the British runner's jersey in the Invictus ad, reminds me that Newtown, CT, where families are suing the makers of the Bushmaster rifle, is very close to New Haven, CT, where the Bushes became Masters through Yale Skull and Bones. The Bushmaster rifle is .223 caliber, and Skull and Bones uses the number 322, like the year when Aristotle died. 322/223

  4. Trump mentioned child sacrifice early on. Anyone else catch that?

  5. Salon's pearl clutching aside, here' the quote.