Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016 headlines | Clinton, Trump, Dow's plunge, offensive 9/11 ads & more

And I almost forgot the cover story...


  1. Did you see the price for that coke sale?? $3.33 and the sign said "rollback" which = 444 and 74

  2. Did you see the price for that coke sale?? $3.33 and the sign said "rollback" which = 444 and 74

  3. Every headline has a negative connotation to it. I can see why youre so passionate about this work.

  4. Watch the mattress commercial in slow motion. Watch the bald guy on the rights eyes. They look shape shifting aka demon. Could be some kind of special FX

  5. Ohio=47

    Boyfriend is 47 years old 47/74 Masonic

  6. Devastation =130, 1100J


    White Horse=130
    Seventh Seal=130

    Devastating Effects=186, 1116, 1272J(Bavarian Illuminati, End of the World)

    Heroine=74, 197J(Prince)
    Opium Effect=119, 474J
    Opium Effects=138

    Ride the White Horse=199

    Want You To See=183=Order out of Chaos

    1. The Photo Police Want You to See=350=35+53=88

    2. Really sounds like The Photo Police to me, like the Fashion Police. Which sort of makes sense to me as we plunge deeper into the digital age. Photos of crimes have always been some of the best incrimidating evidence the court of law and the court of public opinion use to lay guilt on people. Faking pictures and video should be fairly old news to our eliters, so the Photo Police may be all we really need to lock people up. Its too dangerous to Prevent crime anymore, but with The Photo Police, crime will always be prosecuted and punished. Best of all, you can help!

      The Photo Police want You to SEE.

    3. And of course that couple up there has nodded off in a WHITE car. Riding the White Horse, indeed. Think it is a Mustang?

      Rope 'em, Cowboy!

  7. yo dawg, 343 firefighters are reported to have died on 9/11. in simple gematria:

    The Pentagon The World Trade Center = 343 = Are We Living In A Simulated Reality

    also, the divisors of 343 are 7 and 49 besides the number itself and 1 of course.

    very fitting that 7x7x7=343

    I wonder where we can get the 5 for the Jewish calendar from?

    23 NYPD officers died 2+3=5

    411 emergency responders were reported as killed that day. divisors besides 1 and itself are 3 and 137 or:

    3 and the 33rd prime

    interestingly enough, the very first words of the bible Genesis 1 fall right in line.

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth = 411

  8. When I saw this pic I said guaranteed one of their names is an alphanumeric anagram of Addict. Sure enough, the guy's last name is ACORD =23/41 ADDICT =23/41. James Acord = Evil Addict, which is certainly the connotation.

  9. I'm on 1111 Pennsylvania Ave in DC. this is the Evening Stat building complete with the arch entryway with the pinecone above, founded 1852.

    directly across the street from Trump International which is hella under construction.

    I'll be dropping my observations on this thread. if anyone reads this or has a suggestion on something they want me to check out on the ground - lemme know.

    1. so much pine cone imagery out here it's nuts - on lamp posts and street signs as well as allll over the buildings. the shrubs on top of the White House are even shaped as pine cones. the same White House, lawn and surrounding area that forms the shape of an owl from a birds eye view.

    2. the damn Washington Hotel right by all this has a restaurant called Pinea as well. no wonder the pineapple is named according to its shape any symbolic visual representation.

    3. also, the French imagery is abundant. fleur de lis symbols are all over the Eisnehower building and the statue of Rochambeau is pointing directly towards the building itself, right in front of the White House. very Masonic in its imagery. there's a woman who I interpret to be Venus holding a sword to the throat of an eagle directly below this man.

      representative of French Masonic control of this nation?

    4. Lincoln Memorial accessible doors have 33 complete laurels representative of the same pine cone shape all over this place.

    5. FDR Memorial:

      "I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished."

      Jayhawk sees 33% of a nation 33 housed, 33 clad, 33 nourished.