Monday, August 12, 2019

108 118 134 222 | Hong Kong protesters bring attention to police brutality of August 11, 2019, the 134th day of protests

H = 8
K = 11

HK / 811

This video calls attention to what happened in Hong Kong on 811, August 11:

From the date the protests began, March 31, 2019, to the date of the violence by police, was a span of 134-days.

Here is another clip that was made 8:11 long:

The August 10 and 11th actions of Hong Kong police are being called acts of terrorism by the protesters.

There was a lot of tear gas used on August 10th and 11.

August 10 was the 222nd day of the year, and the protests are on the subject of anti-extradition.


  1. Harrybutts106August 12, 2019 at 4:29 AM

    Zack and the other truthers on JEWTUBE ALL got it wrong. 

    Nothing happens on 9/11 anniversary so why the fuck would anything happen 
    On Tisha B'av ? 

    These Zionist worship astronomy... Wake up. Truthers make money by exposing nothing

    Ok, so explain a little how to look into that. Numerology still matters though. There are obvious visible connections.

    1. Did I not say it would be a bad scene at Temple Mount on August 11, 2019? Of course I did. Thus I was right. Why are we sharing the comments of little dick trolls?

    2. Hold on Mr zack person. I do agree with your views. I'm not here to argue or put down. Now, I realize Harry was a little rough in the beginning and plays it up a little much at times.. but he has some valid connections and points. I'm trying to understand from a few angles here. It would be easier if there was a forum..and Google of course stopped giving people updates of when they were quoted, so it's a needle in a haystack, trying to communicate with people. I respect you and you're work. I mean you no harm or insult..I've watched you for years now.

  2. Zach. I came across this interesting report on Tisha B'Av:

    The number 1729 is too precise to not be suspicious. Especially when it was 1440 last year. I'm not sure what it might mean yet, but I think it is worth documenting.

  3. "Hong Kong Protests" = 223 <<< What Day is That?

    "Protests in Hong Kong" = 246 [246 + 642 = 888]
    "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 246, 911

    "Find Planned Hong Kong Protest Date" = 333
    "Start Sunday August Eleventh" = 333
    "Begins November Eighth" = 333
    "November Eighth Attack" = 333

    "Count Ninety Agenda Days Total" = 333
    "Make America Great Again Agenda" = 333
    "Same Day as Presidential Election Day" = 333
    "Hidden Gematria in Headline" = 444, 333
    "CIA Black Operation" = 444
    "Hollywood" = 444

    811 to 118 is 90 Days.

    "Chinese Protest" = 666
    "Fake News Report" = 666
    "World War Signal" = 666
    "Nuclear Exchange" = 666
    "Attack of Terror" = 666
    "Prophecy" = 666

    "Date November Eighth" = 811 S

    "Signal Nuclear Exchange Date" = 1108 S
    "Nuke Exchange" = 118
    "A Detonation" = 118
    "Homocide" = 118
    "Death" = 118
    "Clone" = 118 <<< Illuminati Card Game

  4. found another picture of the posters that proves 811 does refer to the date


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