Saturday, August 3, 2019

23 33 38 61 83 137 160 | El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart & Mall shooting of August 3, 2019

El Paso?  El is Saturn, and today is Saturday (named after Saturn), August 3, 2019.

Notice it was a 'mall' shooting on this day, August 3, or 3/8, or 8/3.

15 dead + 23 injured = 38 people...

Read about 'murder by numbers, 38 and 83':

Today has 23 date numerology as well.

8/3/2019 = 8+3+2+0+1+9 = 23

The gematria of 'El Paso, Texas' also connects to 'government'.

160 and 61 connect to 'active shooter'.

The name of the Sgt., Enrique Castillo, goes with the mall name, Cielo Vista Mall.

Notice, Wal-Mart was part of the ritual again.

The nearby Hooters and Red Lobster?  How many advertisements can we get in here?

The Mayor of El Paso is well named.

The shooting comes on the mayor's 181st day of their age.


Where have I seen that owl before in connection to a mass shooting?  Hello Anderson Cooper...

And notice the convincing photos, as well as the emphasis on the shooter turning himself into the police 'without incident'.

It isn't hard to see...

211, the 47th prime...

And now puppet Trump has weighed in.

You'll notice the standout gematria of 'end this carnage' and 'he was on a mission'.

And last, don't forget how 'shooting' and 'Saturday' go together.


  1. This is centered around the Governor

    "Gregory Wayne Abbott" = 223, the 48th prime number and he is currently the 48th governor of Texas.

    He is currently 61 years old, the 18th prime number, and 18 reported to be dead, "El Paso Texas" = 61, just like "Active Shooter" = 61

    This shooting took place exactly 263 days form the Govenors 61st bday, and his name "Gregory Wayne Abbott" = 263 in reverse gematria. The words "El Paso Walmart Shooting" = 263 in basic English

    "Gregory Wayne Abbott" = 88
    "Wal Mart" = 88
    "Gods Plan" = 88
    "Trump" = 88

    1. Today is TOM Brady’s Birthday on 8/3

      He’s 42! 😂

  2. For a bit more.....

  3. 50 date numerology. "Gun control" 139/50. They didn't waste a second jumping on the subject. There is a cell phone video of some cops striding through the empty mall, no shooter. Was filmed from a shop with a black and white Masonic checkerboard floor quiet prominent for added mockery. "Cielo Vista" 115/43. Like Masonic and killing. Knew there was going to be some big murder-related stuff going down on a date 83. Of course.

  4. "August Third" = 888
    "Top Secret Operation" = 888
    "Seven Days Time Signal" = 888, 223 <<< Which Day of Year
    "Scripted Agenda Signal" = 888
    "American Reset Button" = 888
    "Terrorist Strike" = 888
    "Warning Signal" = 888

    "Market Crash on Monday" = 218 <<< Which Date in Reverse?
    "Repeat Black Monday" = 812

  5. All this killing in Texas is really got me thinking the Dallas Cowboys will be big favorites to be in the SuperBowl especially with all the drama going on with the Dallas Cowboys and remember when drama goes down with the patriots they always make it to the SuperBowl so I think the cowboys are SuperBowl bound especially with them having a similar thing happening to them happening them in the 93-94 season with Emmitt had a hold out with the same thing zeke is doing

    1. That was the year Lion King came out as well...

  6. Dudes name is patrick crusius
    Patrick=33 /42/21 hes 21 years old
    DOB 7/28/98
    Has numerology of 33 and 61

    1. Saturn = 21 (FR)

      Cielo Vista means Sky View
      Sky View = 33 (FR)
      Southwest = 33 (FR)
      Mexico = 33 (FR)

      At least 19 people died with at least 40 more injured. Why is it that 19 is constantly connected to terrorism? Perhaps the "chaos" numerology. From 9/11, to Boston, to that van attack along the Hudson River bike path.

      It's believed this was an anti-immigration attack. Basically a terrorist attack. A manifesto referenced the Christchurch mosque massacre. That was 141 days ago, for a total of 142 days.

      TERRORIST = 142 (O)

  7. "Multiple Dead People" = 83 <<< August Third?
    "Dead People" = 83

    "Dead Count Date" = 141 [811 is 141st Prime]

    "Eleven" = 27
    "Decode" = 27

    "Eleven Killed" = 144
    "Zionist Agenda" = 144 <<< 12th Fibonacci
    "Time" = 144

    "Eleven Killed August Third" = 264
    "Calendar Date Signal Warning" = 264
    "Sunday August Eleventh" = 264
    "Created Violence" = 264
    "Calendar Date" = 264
    "Big Lie" = 264

    246 + 642 = 888

    246 + 264 + 426 + 462 + 624 + 642 = 2664

    "Do What Thou wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law" = 2664, 444
    "September Eleventh Two thousand One Attack" = 2664, 444
    "Hello from the New World Order Government" = 2664, 444
    "Project for a New American Century" = 444
    "New World Order Government Agenda" = 444, 3333
    "Gematria Hidden in Headline" = 333, 444
    "CIA Black Operation" = 444
    "Media Scare Tactic" = 444
    "Signal a Deception" = 444
    "Kill Circle" = 444
    "Hollywood" = 444

    4 - 4 - 4 ?

    "Four Four Four" = 180
    "August Eleventh" = 180

    "Three Four's" = 135, 135 <<< Gematriot
    "Four Three's" = 135, 135

    "Gematriot Code" = 444

    "Signal Number" = 135
    "The Key of David" = 135 [135 + 531 = 666]

    Write Out 135:

    "Hundred Thirty Five" = 811 S, 216 <<< 6 * 6 * 6
    "Deep State Attack Day" = 811
    "War on Terror is Fake" = 811

  8. Well, Gil Brandt got inducted too.. something to do with something here

  9. Gil brandt, was,also an executive for 49ers in 58-59

    1. Yeah and he also was with the rams and the cowboys are playing the 49ers on 10th and then the rams on the 17th so it looks like the cowboys will be still staying in Oxnard California for training still since they are playing in California for 2 away games so they might get affected from 8/11 earthquake if they are still in California as well

    2. I see the Cowboys and the Rams in NFC Championship.

    3. Mackenzie C remember we had this conversation before about the Steelers and the Cowboys?

    4. You know what’s crazy with the Ezekiel Elliott situation is like Emmitt Smith but also this year almost marks the 30th anniversary of the Hershel walker trade that happen on October 12th 1989 so maybe zeke might be the new Hershel

  10. Zach.. Houston Astros of Texas throw no-hitter, same day as this "shooting".

  11. Andrae ColemamAugust 3, 2019 at 6:59 PM

    I see the Cowboys and the Rams in NFC Championship.

    I honestly dont. Rams,we're already in SB and their QB doesn't have a star,cool name. Dallas has a black QB..I doubt the racist league will allow that. It will be Pats vs a,team older then cowboys, for season 100.

    1. Dude, hand job = 54. The incident happened in Jupiter florida. Tom Brady nickname is the Pharoah, that equals 100. They might lose the conf championship, but now I still say they go to sb

    2. That's what the media wants you think! Patriots aren't going! Only team I can think of that can dethrone N.E. is Pittsburgh. I've decoded the Steelers and the Cowboys and why I pick those teams in the SB.

    3. We need a forum. Are there any gematria forums? I'm....I mean you type something, no one see's it, it gets lost in the abyss


  13. "Guns don't kill people" = 83(Full Reduction)
    "People kill people" = 83(Full Reduction)

    "Gun Laws" = 38(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Whom are these mass shootings always blamed on?

    "Crazy People" = 47(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Mass Shootings" = 74(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Masonic" = 74(English Ordinal)


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