Wednesday, July 6, 2016

106 | July 6, 2016, 'Defiant Trump defends tweet' (Zionist Programming)

The Zionists, always making a narrative to remind the "Goy" it isn't okay to talk about the truth of the Jewish.


  1. Looking at that Star of David, I just remembered Anne Frank's birthday is June 12th. Tributes.
    Frank,Anne (stein)

    1. Have you seen my work on Anne Frank?

    2. Frozen =681. The Elders of Zion =1086.

      You know who else died on 6/12 is Hassan-i Sabbah, the founder of the Hashashin assassins who were the number one enemy of the Knights Templar during the Crusades, or so we're told. I've been wondering lately if the Al Qaeda / ISIS bogeyman is in part a ritual reenactment of this history.

      Hassan-i Sabbah =41/104. Templars =41/104.

    3. 50 stickers is a clue to the inner workings as the 50th prime is 229. Disney Frozen =1229, as the title reads. Frozen =681. Numerologist =681.

    4. No, I will have to do a search. Anne Frank is an interest of mine. I visited the museum in Amsterdam and all I can say is damn those people must have been tiny because that place is like a doll house.

      Interesting info aboUT the Hashashin.
      Mulling over Isis and their head chopping videos, I think they connect with Scissors and sisters. Islam, moon worship, feminine, the crescent moon is like a scythe and the hooded robes...the Christina Grimmie Reaper.

      Scissors/ sisters/chopping/pruning/decapitation/Edward scissorhands/Freddy krueger/scissoring/ lesbians/ gays

      Masons symbol with G (spot) in the middle
      May suns
      The Mayflower
      What do Mayflowers bring? PilGRIMs

    5. One time in Amsterdam I ate a bunch of shrooms at the Van Gogh gallery and watched his paintings become animated GIFs.

    6. That sounds sweet Extra. I am sure Van Gogh approved. Have you ever played the Assassins Creed games? They are ripe for a decode. Templars vs Assassains.

    7. The Hashashin assassins also were big users of drugs, or so we are told. The form of marijuana called 'hash' is even named after them since the assassins smoked and distributed it for funds.

      So the modern day drug wars, masonic cops vs. masonic hoods could be considered a modern day crusade.

  2. Theres another shooting in minnesota looks real tho