Wednesday, July 6, 2016

47 73 74 84 211 | Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards birthday in light of the Alton Sterling shooting, July 5, 2016

These shootings are often synched up with the Governors of the states.

Alton Sterling was 37-years old, reportedly.  It is 73-days until the Governor's birthday.  The 2-months and 11-days also stands out.

John = 10+15+8+4 = 47
Louisiana = 3+6+3+9+1/10+9+1+5+1 = 38/47

The 10-weeks and 4-days also stands out for the total span.

As does the total span of 74-days.

The name of the Governor also synchs with the city.

His name also has gematria of '59', like 'kill'.