Thursday, July 7, 2016

13 33 41 46 58 67 103 | 'Hate Crime' and the Louisiana Governor signing 'Blue Lives Matter' bill May 26, 2016

11:22, post time eh?  11+22 = 33 (Race War) (Police)

Freemasonry loves its '33'.

This bill was signed the day before the article, May 26, 2016, the 147th day of 2016.

Freemasonry = 58/67
Blue Lives Mater = 58/67
5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67 (Date Governor signed)

58 = 5+8 = 13
67 = 6+7 = 13

From the date of the signing, May 26, 2016, to the date of the Alton Sterling shooting, was a span of 41-days, the 13th prime number.

5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67 (6+7 = 13)
This made national news, July 6, or 6/7 (A span of 42-days....)

When you unfold handcuffs, they symbolize '33' as well.  Find an image of open handcuffs if you can't imagine it.

In yesterday's post and video, I talked about the '103' in the coding from the shooting to the Governor's birthday, and the parallel to the recent Orlando 'Pulse' shooting.


So the 56th governor writes a bill targeted at 'Black Lives Matter', and a shooting 5-weeks and 6-days later transpires, that will surely provoke the controlled opposition, 'Black Lives Matter'.

Black Lives Matter = 56/65/74

Black Lives Matter has a connection to the location of the shooting, the 'Triple S Food Mart', and another 'pro black controlled opposition group' of the past.

Remember who started the Black Panther Party in 1966?

It's also no coincidence that John Bel became Governor 137-days before signing 'Blue Lives Matter'.

I notice now that the gematria of 'hate crime' heavily factors in to why '46' might be coded so often in these race based killing stories.

And look at what is in the headlines today in Chicago, where the Masonic-Zionists heavily operate out of.  Last year at this time it was the Sandy Bland hoax, a Chicago native.

Sandy Bland = 33
Race War = 33
Police = 33


  1. Totally makes sense why WGN is broadcast nation wide now.. Zionist Mecca Chicago. Never made sense to me before.

    1. Exactly, I had the same revelation.
      WGN = 23+7+14 = 44

    2. WGN airs in the Caribbean as well. Has done so for years. Sadly, the people of the Caribbean watch a lot of North American teLIEvision.

  2. Kevin -- 61/25/764
    Conion -- 70/34/192
    Kevin Conion -- 131/59/956

    So, how many layers do you have to peal off to get to the center of the con.

  3. Blue lives matter? What are they referring to, Smurfs?

  4. Louisana Gov birthday Jan 11th..Triple S Food Mart
    SSS" in the English Reduction system equals 3 (1+1+1)
    one hundred thirty seven" in the English Reduction system equals 111

  5. "one hundred thirty seven days" in the English Ordinal system equals 322

  6. Correction: Sorry 1/11 not his birthday but assumed office day.