Friday, July 8, 2016

25 47 58 59 79 84 96 113 118 | Micah Xavier Johnson "identified" as Dallas Gunman from July 7, 2016 shooting hoax (Race War Coding)

5 dead
6 injured

Like I said yesterday, this is the 'Black Lives Matter' coding.

The headlines also connect to the ongoing narrative.


His name was first released as Micah Johnson, it is now Micah Xavier Johnson.

Micah = 4+9+3+1+8 = 25 (Massacre) (25-years old)
Xavier = 6+1+4/22+9+5+9 = 34/52 (Murder) (Prophecy)
Johnson = 1+6+8+5+1/10+6+5 = 32/41
Micah Xavier Johnson = 91/100/118 (Dallas, Texas=118) (Baton Rouge=118) (Death=118)
Micah Xavier = 59

MXJ = 4+6+1 = 11

Micah = 13+9+3+1+8 = 34 (Murder)
Xavier = 24+1+22+9+5+18 = 79 (Murder)
Johnson = 10+15+8+14+19+15+14 = 95
Micah Xavier Johnson = 208
Micah Xavier = 113

MXJ = 13+24+10 = 47

Clearly a made up name, recall the '59' connections.

And of course, the '113', the number of purposeful propaganda by the Scottish Rite Freemasons.

His age of '25' and name gematria of '25' also connect to the date numerology of the attack.

7/7/2016 = 7+7+20+16 = 50

Dallas, Texas also connects to Baton Rouge and 'death'.

They're now saying the shooter is from 'Mesquite, Texas'.

Mesquite = 4+5+1/10+8+3+9+2+5 = 37/46
Texas = 2+5+6+1+1/10 = 15/24
Mesquite, Texas = 52/70 (Prophecy = 52)

Mesquite = 13+5+19+17+21+9+20+5 = 109
Texas = 20+5+24+1+19 = 69
Mesquite, Texas = 178


Forty-Four = 144
April Fourth = 144

Notice the names of the key locations.

Main Street Garden Park = 93/102/111

Possible subliminal programming:

Saturn = 93
Propaganda = 93
Malcom X = 93
Martin Luther King Jr. = 93

JFK Memorial Plaza = 70/79

All last night they were referencing JFK and how close the shooting was to Dealey Plaza.  Notice Obama was elected 45-years after the '63 assassination of JFK.  JFK was the 44th term President, Obama is the 44th President.

Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44
Hope = 8+15+16+5 = 44

Some media sources are even calling him Micah X, a lot like 'Malcolm X'.

The name Micah X has a gematria connecting to 'Freemasonry' and the history of the 'Black Panther Party', started by Huey P. Newton in Oakland, in '66.

Malcolm X was born May 19, the 139th day of the year.

This story really has me thinking of #44, Obama is the pinnacle of this ongoing agenda, it could even happen after he is out of office, while still residing in Washington D.C.  You know, then 'security' will be less.

If you sum the divisors of 44, they total 84.

44th President

JFK was the 35th President, the 44th term President.

From the date JFK was killed to the date of the 'Civil Rights Act', was 223-day.

Obama was elected the 44th President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act.

Notice the background also has the word COLORS.  Do I need to elaborate?

Colors = 3+6+3+6+9+1/10 = 28/37
Colors = 3+15+12+15+18+19 = 82 (Barack Hussein Obama = 64/82)


  1. The name is also subliminal planting. Micha = malcolm. Xavier = X. Race war coming their telling us.

    1. New York Post CIVIL WAR headline cover
      (Fitting to see the 2016 movie Captain. America CIVIL WAR released 5/6/16)

    2. X also represents multiplication
      10 in Roman Numerals
      But hearing the name Xavier, I immediately thought of Professor Charles Francis Xavier from the X Men movies.
      James McAvoy who plays the young Prof is from Scotland (Scottish rites masonry)
      Plus that first name Micah
      MIC - military industrial complex
      Mickey Mouse
      Mike key


      Johnson - phallus/dick

      All in all that's quite a loaded name. Many things suggested with it

    3. For those who saw Captain America CIVIL WAR it introduced the character of BLACK PANTHER.

  2. Lincoln's House Divided speech

  3. what coding is there on Joe Walsh's comment to Obama that he needs to "watch out"?

    1. Thanks Obama--333J, 105, 630

      Blame Obama--142J, 65, 390

  4. "Dead Gunman" = 39 & 84

    "Criminal Record" = 79 & 142

    "Shot by Police" = 149 = "Twenty Five"

    149 is the 35th Prime
    "Thirty Five" = 142
    "Freemason" =42

  5. First of all, I highly doubt there hasnt been one day in the past 15 years that no more than 4 cops died. Secondly, cops have killed more people than "terrorists" have in the past 15 years. Mostly because terrorists don't exist; but even if you believe the lie of Islamic terrorists, more people have been killed by police. These people are a bunch of assholes.

  6. I learned from a 3rd party source that Micah Xavier Johnson was "...trained as 12W - Carpentry and Masonry."

  7. "Micah Xavier Johnson" sounds like a stereotypical Catholic name to me. Kennedy was our only Catholic president so far.

    A few matches to Oswald, but not too clear.

    Micah -- 34/51
    Xavier -- 79/1095
    Johnson -- 95/878
    Micah Xavier Johnson -- 208/2024

    Micah -- 25/25/25
    Xavier -- 34/34/52
    Johnson -- 32/41/41
    Micah Xavier Johnson -- 91/100/118

    Lee -- 22/13/30
    Harvey -- 79/34/1194
    Oswald -- 74/20/1065
    Lee Harvey Oswald -- 175/67/2289

  8. My first thought was the TV Show 'Heroes Reborn' when I heard the name Micah(character played in the show). Then I remembered that in the TV Show it was circled around Odessa, TX; the location of the disastrous Odessa Unity Summit between ordinary and evolved humans and the Renautas Gateway community where the fate of the world was decided.

    I did a little more research and remembered one of the characters named Noah kills a guy named Rene. Noah Goes to DALLAS because that's where Rene is. Rene returns to Noah his trademark glasses just before attempting to kill him. The two struggle before Noah shoots him, killing him. (Noah white man killing Rene black man)

    Heroes Reborn air date 9/24/2015 to Dallas shooting 7/7/2016.

    Doubt it has anything to do with this, but i wouldn't be surprised.

  9. Yo Zach , now Im a believer in the whole race war agenda. This is the fakest shit Ive ever seen. 1st it was snipers , then they arrested ppl, now it was a lone gunman . BULLSHIT , fake fake fake

  10. James harden signed an extension with the houston rockets today for 118 million.