Friday, July 8, 2016

25 48 57 66 111 129 | Mark and Cory Hughes are part of the psy-op, it was not a "mistake" by the media

All part of the race war programming, as well as the gun control programming.

The photo is clearly fake, but it turns out this is a real person.

The race war coding is present on the t-shirt.  This man is in costume.  The media says he is supposedly one of the leaders of planning the Black Lives Matter march, which tells you all you need to know.

Notice they're "brothers".

The coding of their names correspond with the accused shooter.

Mark = 4+1+9+2 = 16/25 (Connecting to the actual shooter)
Cory = 3+6+9+7 = 25 (Connecting to the actual shooter)
Hughes = 8+3+7+8+5+1 = 32/41

Mark Hughes = 48/57/66 (5 Dead, 7 Injured) (5/7 Shooting)
Cory Hughes = 57/66 (Scottish Rite = 57)

Mark = 13+1+18+11 = 43
Cory = 3+15+18+25 = 61
Hughes = 8+21+7+8+5+19 = 68

Mark Hughes = 111 (666, English Gematria)
Cory Hughes = 129 (America, Jewish Gematria)


  1. People at my work are at each other's throats this morning. Totally along race for the most part. I'm listening to this idiot white guy yell at a black guy and Hispanic guy trying to justify the police shootings in the news. I want to stand up and scream you're an idiot, this is all fake, pull your head out of your ass!

    1. It is a nation of fucking morons. This is the problem with morons. I saw it all when I was a little kid. I started to realize my peers were not my equals around the time I was 7 and I've felt the same way ever since. We who see are elite compared to those around us. The level of intelligence is too low to compute.

    2. Stand up and scream you're an idiot it's fine I do here at work to most hate me and I don't give a f

    3. They think I'm crazy too. They laugh, point and giggle, or roll their eyes and get angry.

      "Ignorant" = 44
      "Lack of Knowledge" = 144
      "Stupid as Fuck" = 42
      "Freemason" = 42

      "Dumb as Shit" = 116 [911 Reflection]
      "One One Six" = 48 & 120 [exact match to "illuminati"]

      "Dunderhead" = 48 & 84 [Reflections]

    4. It really seems like people have the capacity to see/entertain truth... or they simply don't.

  2. They had to get two brothers into the story and their they are. Brothers/brothers-in-arms/brotherhood

    I will lead
    (Dude, your getting) A Dell
    Dealey (plaza)

    Leader (in charge, up front)
    Led (follower)

    Lead paint
    Lead as in bullets (slang: eat lead)
    If your kid eats lead paint chips he becomes retarded, slowed down development
    Ironic Ages

  3. Micah Johnson: 57/66 (Pythagorean)
    Mark Hughes: 48/57/66 (Pythagorean)

    Micah Johnson: 129 (Simple English)
    America has Jewish gematria of 129. The word "Hollywood" also equals 129 in English Ordinal.

    I'm being attacked for addressing the real truths of this story. No one is willing to even think for themselves anymore. I often wonder what was God's point in giving us a brain if we don't know how to use them.

    1. One two nine: 134 (Simple English)
      One two nine: 804 (English)

      Notice the 84 for United States of America. When you write out Eighty Four it equals 134. In there is a picture of Micah Johnson with the numbers 4484 in the background.

  4. So, who thinks that first photo of him walking around a city street with rifle actually looks real?

    I say the background lighting and the lighting on his shirt don't match.

  5. It's like one of those "find what's wrong/odd/off about this picture" puzzles.

    The lighting completely crazy. Looks like it was filmed in a Laser tag arena or a planetarium. Those purple/violet light beams and columns/pillars of light.
    Reminds me of the colored beams of light they beamed in place of the towers after 911

  6. Washington post says Mark's brother,Cory,is one of the organizers of the march. I find that suspicious.

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  8. Am I the only one reminded of the movie directors The Hughes Brothers? They are 44.

  9. Meh. I'm sure they promised him the payout that he is now expecting from his "undue emotional distress" from "all the death threats" he's received. Unless they can prove there was a white guy open carrying a rifle and exercising his 2A rights that was NOT also spoken to by police, he has nothing... and no one should pay him off.
    I'm noticing the trend of huge, multi-million dollar payouts for all these 'gun' things a la Sandy Hook and others. The money is still being sucked in by all of their 'foundations' to this day.
    So mine is more a question, rather than offering up gematria...
    Has anyone noted specific numbers that seem to align with said 'payoff/payouts' for those actors perpetrating the act(s)? I have looked and cannot discern any one number or combo that seems to indicate "Cha-CHING!" like that...

  10. Mark Hughes like French "m'accuse" which means I accuse myself. And Co-Reuse, the same old coded script.