Wednesday, July 20, 2016

27 49 84 1010 | Jeurys Familia earns 49th straight save, July 19, 2016, 84-days until his 27th birthday, October 10, 2016

Jeurys = 1+5+3+9+7+1/10 = 26
Familia = 6+1+4+9+3+9+1 = 33
Jeurys Familia = 59

Jeurys = 10+5+21+18+25+19 = 98
Familia = 6+1+13+9+12+9+1 = 51 (New York Mets)
Jeurys Familia = 149

Notice he was born on 10/10 and got his 49th straight save tonight.

Revelation = 49
Revelation = 1010 (I need to see when the World Series starts)

From July 19, his 49th save, to his 27th birthday, is 84-days.

MLB = 27 (27 outs for a team in a full 9 inning game)


  1. Zach, have you been keeping up w/ the coup in Turkey?

  2. Yo Zach you ever heard of the Max Headroom incident? It happened November 22 1987. 11+22=33 of course. It took place in Zionist Mecca Chicago on a local TV station. Max Headroom incident =96 like Freemason. I have no doubt this was a Zionist or Freemason wearing the mask and putting this stunt on. It happened twice, originally during a Chicago Bears sports recap, totally makes sense with the mocking tone. He says "catch the wave" = 47, 119. That was coca colas slogan at the time, funny enough he says that holding a Pepsi can. Coca Cola CC 33, he hums the Clutch Cargo theme CC 33. Finally he says "your love is fading" then laughs hysterically. That phrase = 202. Fitting for it to happen on the 22nd. This is practically the most Masonic thing on tv ever!

    1. Forgot one important detail, at the end his child accomplice comes in and paddles his bare ass with a fly swatter... Check this out

    2. Max Headroom -- 117/54/559
      Max Headroom Incident -- 195/96/769
      11/22/1987 - 11+22+19+87 = 139
      11/22/1987 - 11+22+1+9+8+7 = 58
      11/22/1987 - 1+1+2+2+1+9+8+7 = 31
      11/22/87 - 11+22+87 = 120

    3. Nice, didn't notice that 58 in the date numerology. I think that's the single most Masonic thing I've ever seen in my life. Pretty sick.

  3. Zachary,

    Have you been contacted by anyone who is bilingual and has noticed the same phenomenon of gematria in another language. In other words, could there be a Russian gematria or a Spanish gematria? Because that would open up a much different vista on this.

    We see these world events/false flags, but yet the coding is only English? Is that possible? And what about Old English? Can we mark the beginning of this New World Order as the date of the start of modern English?

  4. They needed a standardized English language to pull this off. 1828 is the date Noah Webster's spelling book. It is also the date of the beginning of Andrew Jackson's campaign against the Indians. The Modern English contains Native American words, especially place names in New England: Massachusetts for example.

    The adoption of Indian words threatened English Gematria. Holy Shit. Is this the real reason for the whole sale slaughter of Indians?

  5. The jose reyes comeback...there looking for a relief pitcher maybe the key...the owner involved with madoff scandal....if they get in with 3rd seed it will be 3rd wild card still 6 div titles. Now 6 nl pennants and 3rd world series chip

  6. BTW- Indian = 33 in the English Reduction system.

    My guess is that this is being scripted in advance in the same amount if time that it takes for a word that enters the vernacular to official enter Webster's dictionary. What's that 3-5 years?

  7. Anybody notice how Trump's Step Daughter Tiffany looks like an Semi- Expensive Escort?

    Tiffany Skank" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    Tiffany Skank" in the English Ordinal system equals 137

    Tiffany Skank Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    Skanky Step Daughter" in the English Ordinal system equals 225

    Skanky Step Daughter" in the English Reduction system equals 72

    Tiffany Skank Trump" in the English Ordinal system equals 225

    Trump Skank" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    Trump Skank" in the English Reduction system equals 36

    Tiffany " in the English Reduction system equals 36

    Step Daughter" in the English Ordinal system equals 144

    1. Bro coca85 ur either retarded or being sarcastic gtfoh

    2. At One With The Shadows.

  8. Replies
    1. Regular season ends on 10/2. I don't think you can get an exact date when the WS will begin?

  9. 52 str8 save be just blew two games lol

  10. This atricle was his 33rd save of hes stuck at 36