Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Reader Contribution | July 22, 2016 & Donald Trump (The day after the GOP Convention ends)

Recall the connection to Pi through the date July 22.

22/7 = 3.14
Twenty Two Divided by Seven = 314 (Simple English Gematria)

Also, from July 22 to the election, November 8, is a span of 110-days, connecting to President.

The fact that the election is on November 8 is also interesting.  Lincoln was assassinated after being reelected on November 8, 1864.

That span of 15-weeks and 5-days also stands out.  GOP = Grand Old Party


  1. Wow.. That's quite a few connections there. Will be interesting to see if something happens that day.

  2. Best contributing work I've seen on here maybe ever. I wish more people like this would come to the blog.


  3. Illbundy420July 14, 2016 at 11:54 PM
    There is a horror movie comming out 7/22 called lights out
    Lights out=41
    Barack Obama=41
    Brother berg was seeing him die on 2/27 maybe he read it backwards cause
    July twenty second =64/73,235
    Barack Hussein Obama=64/73, 163(38th prime)
    If you count july 22 it leaves 163 days left In The year
    July 22 is 13 days before obamas bday
    Thirteen=99 (523 is 99th prime)
    Thirteen days before=199(46th prime)

    1. The Reagan assassination attempt was at 2:27 local time, or 33 minutes until 3.

    2. Mindblowing stuff dudes. This shit is crazy. I almost feel like both Trump and Obama could get assassinated in response to one another. BLM kills Trump, and a white supremacist kills Obama or vice versa. What greater way to start off a civil war/martial law type scenario? All I know is that predicting sports seems way easier than presidential assassinations lol.

  4. Who thinks Dale Jr. is taking time off to prep an upcoming death on the track? I don't watch that shite...

    1. Hard to say, but he's not a young man.

  5. date British man tried to assassinate trump was 6/20/16. 33 days later is 7/22/16 including end date.

  6. I think trump wins and then gets IT.
    Probably by BLM or some Isis