Friday, July 15, 2016

28 33 58 93 279 | Attempted Coup in Turkey, NWO propaganda exposed, CNN reporting +Nice, "Young lives destroyed"

The latest in the world of scripted news and New World Order narrative!  Remember, the NWO is a Masonic World Order.

7/15/2016 = 7+15+20+16 = 58

This event began on July 15, and is now transpiring on 7/16/16 or 7/7/7 (16 = 1+6 = 7)

This coup comes 106-days before Turkey's 93rd birthday, October 29, 2016.

106 is the number of 'prophecy'.

The Prime Minister's name also equates to 'prophecy'.

This coup comes the day after the Bastille Day bombings, connected to the 'French Revolution', where the term 'coup d'etat' was made common.

Yesterday, I was pointing out Francois Hollande's.

The top headline also connects back to 'Turkey'.

So, tomorrow, July 16, is 10/10 on the Jewish Calendar, the number connecting to Revelation, and on October 10, or 10/10, there was the bombing in Ankara Turkey.  That was 279-days earlier, a number divisible by '93'.  93x3 = 279

That number ties in with the President of France, who is very much connected to the Nice, France terror psy-op of July 14, 2016, the day before this uprising.

The fact that people can still fly in and out of Turkey is telling.

From the June 7 police bus bombing in Istanbul, until today's coup (police vs military), is 38-days, or a total span of 39-days.

7/15/16 = 7+15+16 = 38

This news comes one day after the 'Bastille Day' bombings.

They're reporting that 17-police have been killed in the fighting.  This is interesting because the attack comes 17-days after the airport bombing in Istanbul, that shutdown the wing of the airport for a whole five hours...

Keep in mind the United States is an ally of Turkey, and today's date connects back to the U.S.

July 15, or 15/7