Friday, July 15, 2016

33 43 44 56 62 114 137 | The Turkey 'coup d'etat' of July 15 & start date of the Armenian Genocide, April 24, 1915

Salmene = 1/10+1+3+4+5+5+5 = 24/33 (Muslim = 24/33) (coup d'état = 33)

In the Nice, France terror attack false flag/hoax/psy-op, they're using the picture of a man who very possibly could be from the time of the Armenian Genocide, which took place during the time of World War I and after.

The day after the Nice, France news, we have a "coup d'etat" in Turkey, a term popularized in the French Revolution.  Recall, the Nice, France attack came on Bastille Day, France's Independence Day, tracing back to the French Revolution, July 14, 1789.

The tribute to the French Revolution in yesterday's terror tragedy was the use of a 'lorry'.

In Pythagorean Gematria, Armenian Genocide is also interesting.  '83' is the reflection of '38', the number for 'death'.

Armenian = 39; Genocide = 44 (Kill = 44)

Notice the recognized starting date of the mass murder; April 24, 1915, the 114th day of the year.

4/24/1915 = 4+24+19+15 = 62
4/24/1915 = 4+24+(1+9+1+5) = 44 (Genocide)
4/24/1915 = 4+2+4+1+9+1+5 = 26 (God) (Mason) (Lie)
4/24/15 = 4+24+15 = 43 (Civil War) (Massacre) (Community)

This date can be written 24/4, I need to look up where this number was coded in yesterday's Nice, France attack.


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    1. I'm afraid you're right. As Wildfire is saying below, and as Jeff mentioned last evening, 7/16/2016 and that "Fill the Mall" event seems of concern as well to me.

  2. The beginning of 7/16/16, 777, since it's actually Saturday there already? For us tomorrow should be interesting to see what u folds...

  3. The name Salmene is interesting. I have never seen it spelled with an e at the end. I assume it is a play on Salmen which is a play on

    Solomon---103, 618(6666), 330J

    King Solomon comes from your friendly Hebrew bible.

    Judgement of Solomon---218, 1308, 1372J

    Two ladies claim a baby. No one can decide who is the mother. King Solomon says let's cut the baby in half and they can both have a piece. One woman says okay, the other woman says she will give up the baby so it can live. Turns out, she is the mother because she was willing to give up the child.

    Two religions now are going to battle for the one Earth, right? Who will be willing to lay down their lives for the good of the baby?

    1. Pretty good wiki on that one. Not necessarily of Hebrew origin as 22, so 23 all day, versions of the story have been traced to different eras all across the world. And my snapnosis up there did not really do it justice.

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    3. Well, don't beat yourself up about it, love!
      Just remember that nearly everydamnedthing is a rehash of somethingoranother.
      So there's that. :D

    4. "Always look on the bright side of life. Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot o/~
      "Remember that life's a bowl of shit when you look at it..."