Thursday, July 7, 2016

33 44 46 49 58 67 102 137 | Philando Castile shooting hoax of July 6, 2016, Falcon Heights, MN, fully decoded

In the most recent Minnesota police shooting hoax, they said the officer was 'asian'.  Notice 193, the gematria of the headline, is the 44th prime number.

The asian officer supposedly killed 'Philando Castile' after being pulled over for a broken taillight.

Philando Castile = 67/76
Blood Sacrifice = 67/76
Alton Sterling = 58/67
Freemasonry = 58/67

This killing came July 6, or 6/7, the same day as the news of the killing of Alton Sterling.

This might as well have been 'race war ave'.

This also ties in with the name of the reporting officer, 'Mangseth'.

'Larpenter' also has a parallel to the 'Baton Rouge' shooting.

Minnesota also connects to Louisiana.

The initials of Philando Castile, or PC, also connect back to '38'.

P = 16; C = 3; P.C. = 16.3.

Also, the use of 'Facebook' ties in with the death of 'Alton Sterling'.

As for 'Fry St.', it has gematria connecting to 'murder' as well as the date of the shooting, July 6, 2016.  It also connects to the lats name of the woman filming the aftermath of the reported shooting.

Fry = 6+18+25 = 49 (Revelation)
7/6/2016 = 7+6+20+16 = 49
Reynolds = 9+5+7+5+6+3+4+1/10 = 40/49

Fry St. = 6+9+7+1/10+2 = 25/34 (Murder = 34) (Massacre = 25)

Revelation, the Book of Prophecy, is the 66th, again, Revelation sums to '49' like 'Reynolds'.

Falcon Heights, Minnesota has matching gematria with 'Key of David', the instrument in bringing about prophecy from Revelation.

Notice the name of the uncle speaking out in the media.

CC = 33; Clarence Castile = 58/67 (Freemasonry)

The scene of the crime also connects to Civil Rights, which this story will be made a matter of.