Thursday, July 7, 2016

46 101 139 | Obama's 'Blue Alert' law, May 19, 2015- In memory of a hoax shooting, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu

Notice the emphasis on 'blue alert'.

The date this came on, May 19, the 139th day of the year, connects to 'Freemasonry'.  It is also the day that leaves 226-days left in the year, a big number in New York.  This bill was made in honor of two dead NYPD officers, which was truly a hoax.

I remember this hoax shooting like it was yesterday.

12/20/14 = 12+20+14 = 46 (Date of shooting)

Does anyone remember the article after the reported deaths, "The ministry of Rafael Ramos?"

The date of Obama signing the 'Blue Alert', also had numerology connecting to NYPD.

5/19/2015 = 5+19+20+15 = 59

The name of the shooter is the same as 'assassin'.