Sunday, July 3, 2016

38 64 163 | 'Week of savagery', CNN headlines, July 3, 2016

Death = 38


  1. Thanks for your work Zach. I have a sister and convinced her how scripted the Cavalier's win was this year. Now she texted me this morning asking about the connections between Hillary Clinton and the death of Elie Wiesel. Then she actively searched "gematria theorists" -as she called them- and started to finally listen. Your work is not in vain. Hope all is well.

  2. Zach, please look into my comments on your previous blog post-

    I really think I'm on to something and has so much connection to other things

    1. Great work Mike, I'll lookout for that.

    2. Thanks Zach , not a pro but I'm trying!

  3. Michael Cimino died July 2, 2016, age 77.
    Heavens Gate movie biggest bomb in history
    Budget of $44 million (equivalent in 2016 $126 million )
    BO: only $3.5 million

    Heavens Gate cult
    mass suicide
    39 members found on 3/26/1997
    Wearing Nikes
    Hale-Bopp comet
    Brother of actress Michelle Nichols
    Who played Uhura on Star Trek supposedly a HG member found on March 30, 1997 a suicide (how !ronic)

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