Sunday, July 3, 2016

44 85 130 | Donald Trump's "Crook Hillary" tweet and the New York Times coverage

First the words written.

Notice the 4.4k re-shares and the 8.5k likes.

Hillary Rodham, to be the 44th person to be President?

My favorite touch is the hexagram, or Star of David.

If you read the New York times article, they say it is the symbol of a 'sheriff', ha!


  1. Hard to deny that.

    Zach, France just beat Iceland 5-2. You could tell that was going to be the score once France scores #5, i know Iceland would get 1 more.

    Prophecy = 52

    France will be going for their 13th win against Germany. Pretty sure they get it.

    1. France, Bavarian Illuminati, 13.... I think that is a good call. What's Germany going for?

    2. Wales vs France finals *** look into it

    3. Germany vs Italy 3/7/16
      mesut Ozil scores in the 65 min
      Final score 6-5 on penalties
      Isis = 56. Germany plays France next round.
      Last time they met was 13/11/2015 (Paris bombings)
      They play on 7/7/16 33 weeks later ... First time doing this sorry if it's wrong

  2. Replies
    1. Hillary traces back to welsh decent

  3. She will also be the first FLOTUS to become POTUS. Shades of alchemical transformation like Caitlin.

    So 42 could represent duality male/female twins. Bill Clinton, the other half of Hillary , the popular one that everyone liked lusty like JFK, played his saxaphone on MTV and was called the "1st black president" as the 42nd president.
    She is his opposite.
    The movie Pluto Nash features Hillary Dollars with her face on them