Sunday, January 31, 2016

38 41 45 50 | Clete Blakeman, Super Bowl 50 referee, has seen Broncos go 5-0 in games he officiated

Get this, the referee for Super Bowl 50 has never officiated a game for the Broncos that they lost.  The Broncos are 5-0 in games with Clete Blakeman.  That reminds me that the 49ers were once 5-0 in Super Bowls, before losing their latest to the Ravens.  Of course the 49ers are hosting the Super Bowl.

Adding to the intrigue of the officiating choice, this is the same referee crew that oversaw the 'Deflate Gate' game from last year's AFC Championship between the Colts and Patriots.  And adding even more intrigue, the referee went to school in OMAHA...

Plus, who the fuck is named Clete?

Clete = 3+3+5+2+5 = 18
Blakeman = 2+3+1+2+5+4+1+5 = 23
Clete Blakeman = 41 (Broncos = 41) (Super Bowl = 41)

Clete = 3+12+5+20+5 = 45 (Bears = 45) (Super Bowl on 45 date numerology)
Blakeman = 2+12+1+11+5+13+1+14 = 59
Clete Blakeman = 104 (The message is coming through loud and clear!!!)

Let us not forget that game between the Cardinals and Packers finished 26-20, for a sum of 46 points, in the year of the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era, played at Levi's Stadium.

Levi's Stadium = 3+5+4+9+1+1+2+1+4+9+3+4 = 46/55/64
46th Super Bowl of Modern Era
Broncos in 55th year of existence
Satan = 55; Church of Satan establish in SF in '66

Notice that the last game he refereed of the Broncos ended in a sum of 41 points, matching his own name, Broncos and Super Bowl.  Also, in this past week, we got the news that the Chargers will move to Los Angeles in 2017.  Chargers?  Power?  Power outages?  ...that is another topic.

Also notice that the controversial game they bring up with the Patriots, which Blakeman officiated, was against the Panthers, the Broncos opponent in Super Bowl 50.

Let us not forget the relationship between Colts and Broncos; the horse related teams.

Wells = 5+5+3+3+1 = 17/26
Report = 9+5+7+6+9+2 = 38
Wells Report = 55/64

Wells = 23+5+12+12+19 = 71
Report = 18+5+16+15+18+20 = 92
Wells Report = 163

In light of the way Manning is known for calling Omaha, this is comical.

Omaha = 15+13+1+8+1 = 38
Super Bowl is on 38th day of the year
Colorado is the 38th State
Colorado = 3+6+3+6+9+1+4+6 = 38

The league average of 13.7 penalties stands out.  Remember, 137 is the 33rd prime.  This year the NFL introduced the 33-yard extra point.

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