Sunday, January 24, 2016

39 47 | Ted Ginn Jr.'s big game, NFC Championship, January 24, 2016

Ted Ginn Jr., the track star who can't catch as he is known to many fans of the league, had the game of his career today.

Ted = 2+5+4 = 11
Ginn = 7+9+5+5 = 26
Jr . = 1+9 = 10
Ted Ginn Jr. = 47

Ted = 20+5+4 = 29
Ginn = 7+9+14+14 = 44
Jr. = 10+18 = 28
Ted Ginn Jr. = 101

4/12/1985 = 4+12+19+85 = 120
4/12/1985 = 4+12+(1+9+8+5) = 39
4/12/1985 = 4+1+2+1+9+8+5 = 30
4/12/85 = 4+12+85 = 101

Let us not overlook that Ginn was born in '85, the year his coach, Ron Rivera, went to the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots 46-10.

From Ginn's birthday until today, was a span of 41-weeks.  '41' was big number on the game.

April 12 is the 102nd game of the year.


  1. He's 5'11", Cam was born on 5/11. Saturn = 511

  2. You won't believe this but some of the athletes in the nba,nfl are cloned woman. Go look it up on youtube. These athletes sell their soul.

    1. Im not bro. Some of these athletes are lab created. Look it up on youtube before you attack me.

    2. I did look it up... it's just some dude saying a bunch of nfl players are women... no proof provided. I don't doubt them being created in labs but being women? come on.. I wouldn't be surprised if cam newton was genetically engineered in a lab.. dude's a freak


      Did you see Ted Ginn Jr. go straight to the kid wearing a #59 jersey and handed her his just mad touchdown ball? They kept showing it and the announcers mentioned it too, now it's in an article I posted above. Strange...seemed very staged and planned ahead of time to me the moment I saw it happen live.

    4. Cant wait for the video on "Tablegate"

  3. Troy palomalu is a woman. Look at the long hair and curved hairline. Ridiculous.


    The above video is strange, right after the pic six of #59, Luke Kuechly scored TD, then a fan looks like he is thrown down to the ground in front of #59...

  5. Good work on the 85 connection Zachary. Hey, a major clue to this Chicago/Bears/85/1985/San Francisco 49ers/Super Bowl 50 connection is Mike Singletary. He was the best defensive player on that '85 Bears team and played in the same Linebacker unit as Ron Rivera. He wore #50, and he coached the SF 49ers for a couple years. He seems to be a major piece in this puzzle.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Singletary. I will never forget the years he coached the 49ers, that was further proof to me the league was rigged. Singletary, while HC, came across as a completely brain dead moron. Before Singletary, they had Mike Nolan, the guy who always "dressed to impress" and seemed to spend more time on his wardrobe than coaching.

  6. Darius you ar a moron.

    Now on ESPN first take a player from the 85 Bears named Larry or had singletary as his last name picked the Panthers. Apparently ESPN is going to show a 85 Bears 30/30 on February.

    Steven a smith also talked about Cam being the Villian and Manning being the "Hero going off into the sunset like Bettis and elway" "that will be the storyline"

    Then Bayless chimed in and said " How do you know HGH Al Jazeera won't come back out later this week"

    Wow and they showed how old manning was"39 years old and 320 days" Super bowl is 13 days away

    333x2 Rings= 666

    Zach just like the Globe Earth being at 23.4 Axis with 66.6 Horizontal you are nothing but a gate keeper shill trying to throw people off with the Pats and Cards because the Numbers were always there for the Broncos and it was 100% obvious.

    You knew but you're a fraud who takes people's work. I remember seeing you on RFG Chosen ones YouTube commenting and you were telling him he was wrong LOL

    You know what you're doing "99.9% sure it's the Pats winning"

    Really? If you can't see this guy is a shill there's no hope for you.

    No person would say 99.9 % with the amount of evidence there was for the Broncos.

    Gate keeper

  7. Lmfao you guys are fighting over rigged sports. I thought you people knew it was rigged. Smfh who cares who wins & who doesn't. There is bigger problems than some ball game

  8. I hear ya. I don't usually get involved in this stuff but that was just too good. :-)

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