Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Black QBs in the Super Bowl, ESPN's first take (Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless)

The woman who also works on the show (not pictured) asked the two men, "Did you know that Denver is the only team that African American QBs have won against?"  Skip Bayless responded with, "Is that a joke?"  The woman then said, "No, it is true, if Cam Newton won, he would be the third, with all wins coming against Denver."

Anyhow, what I took away as interesting, was Skip Bayless's reaction to her question.  I'm still torn on who is going to win this Super Bowl.  The numbers are there to support both teams, and the '58' '88' connection to Doug Williams win over Elway, and how that synchs up with Cam Newton and the Super Bowl this year is very intriguing to me.


  1. To me, that confirms a Denver SB win.
    The fact that they brought it up suggests they want everyone to know about it and bet on Carolina.

  2. Anyone else think that Peyton Manning will get hurt in the Superbowl?...

    What better way to give Peyton a SuperBowl ring, and make him a loser at the same time?..... i mean, if the backup QB comes in and wins the game for the Broncos....

    Just a thought.....

    It was interesting that Peyton Manning had a "foot Injury" last month on the "18th"....

    "Foot Injury" in English Gematria Equals: 918
    (9+1+8 = 18)

    "Peyton Manning Hurt" in English Gematria Equals: 1404
    (14+0+4 = 18)

    "Peyton Manning Hurt" in Simple Gematria Equals: 234
    (23+4 = 27 .... like the date of the super bowl 2/7)

    I guess him getting hurt would work for a win, or a loss..... That way he could go out losing, but can't get blamed for it.....

    either way, interesting to think about....

    1. He also has an odd contract money spot for winning the Superbowl, its a 2 mill bonus, but he has to take 51% of the snaps. A strange clause to include.

    2. Yes, I think in 3rd Q, he's gonna get hurt after a horrible game.
      Couple of TOs.
      Oswiler comes in and wins in OT.

    3. That neck I jury could come back to haunt him too.

    4. look at that....

      2/7/2016 = 18

      Like his jersey number...

      Like the day of he came out with the "foot injury"

    5. How comical would it be if Peyton was Hurt in the 3rd Quarter with 3 minutes left?? (33)........ leaving "18" minutes left in the game LOL.....

    6. I am in no way over looking a PayPey injury and a Bronk win. Especially if the Bronks fall way behind, as Carolina makes most teams do early, then they have an Epic comeback with Manning.

    7. I see what u did there..

    8. -Broncos handling of Manning vs. Osweiler key to Super Bowl run:

      "It takes over the public discourse and often finds its way into the locker room as well, dividing and conquering what a team wanted to do. But the Denver Broncos will play in Super Bowl 50 not only because of the league’s No. 1 defense or their tough-minded ability to win the close ones, but because they successfully navigated a two-quarterback season."

      Is this potential programming? or what?...

      "“That it’s going to take everybody to get where we want to go," Kubiak said. “Everybody wants to play. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t. I want them to want to play, to believe they should be playing. But we’ve needed everybody to get to this point, and we’re going to need everybody again. Our guys know that because winning is important to them. Doing things the right way is important to them."

  3. Either way, Masons win. I can totally see that second part playing out.

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