Thursday, January 28, 2016

CNN's race baiting headlines, Cam Newton, the President & the Oscars

So transparent, but the sheeple can't see it.


  1. Here's a gem this Super Bowl there will be 33 undrafted free agents

  2. Cam Newton Oscars So White" in the English Reduction system equals

    .. 93 / 111 ..

    Obama talks race" in the English Ordinal system equals

    .. 122 ..

    Cam talks race" in the English Ordinal system equals

    .. 116 .. (s-exception)

  3. Social Media is ablaze with Challenger memories. You know, "I'll never forget how Miss So-so turned off the TV is elementary school" type stuff. Have you ever covered it before, Z? Having watched the old footage and comparing it to recent events, it seems about as real as Unicorn Shit. Gotta love the launch time of 11:38

    1. Exploded just 73(sacrifice)seconds after lift off.

    2. Yes, it is on the blog. Teacher = 33


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