Wednesday, January 27, 2016

42 93 | April 2, 2016, a date to remember in light of Obama's coming assassination

Notice that because it is a leap year, April 2 will be the 93rd day of the year.

4/2/2016 = 4+2+20+16 = 42
4/2/2016 = 4+2+2+0+1+6 = 15
4/2/16 = 4+2+16 = 22

Keep in mind that the deaths of the two most famous black american leaders in history, outside of the 44th President, Barack Obama, are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Again, both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. died at age '39', a number that connects to '42', like the numerally of the date April 2, 2016.

Of course, '42' is also the number negatively stamped on black americans, throughout history.

Nigger = 5+9+7+7+5+9 = 42
February = 6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7 = 42 (February 28 is the 59th day of the year)

Keep in mind that President Obama reopened Ford's Theatre on February 11, 2009, the 42nd day of the year.

2/11/2009 = 2+11+20+09 = 42
February 11, 42nd day of the year

Barack Obama is currently 54-years old, a number that is often paired with '93'.  In light of this, it is interesting to note that a man was supposedly just shot and killed in Oregon, not long after racist remarks against black americans were made by a fellow protester related to the Oregon standoff.  That man was 54-years old, and reportedly, his family had just sung 'Amazing Grace' not long before his death.

54-year old man, named Robert LaVoy Finicum

Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33
LaVoy = 3+1+4+6+7 = 21
Finicum = 6+9+5+9+3+3+4 = 39
Robert LaVoy Finicum = 93 (Crucifix = 93) (Propaganda = 93)

Recall, Obama recently sang 'Amazing Grace', 9-days after the supposed killing of 9-people.  9 is important, because the next President to die in office will be the 9th President to do so, which will likely be #44, Barack Hussein Obama.  It should be noted that in history, the first President to die was #9, who died on the date April 4, or 4/4.  The last President to die in office was JFK, the 44th term President.  Kill = 11+9+12+12 = 44

From the death of Mr. Finicum, to the possible death of Barry-O, is a span of 67-days, another number connected to sacrifice.

Blood = 2+3+6+6+4 = 21
Sacrifice = 1+1+3+9+9+6+9+3+5 = 46
Blood Sacrifice = 67


  1. Thats a good one - Blood Sacrifice =67. Fourth Of April =670. I know we're talking about April 2nd here, and not the fourth, but April 4th has gematria for April 2nd....

    April Fourth Two Thousand Sixteen =2400. Disaster Date =44, and indeed 4/4 is a disaster date.

    Four Two Sixteen =214. Which incorporates the # 142. Terrorist =142.

    1. What kills me, is if Obama was assassinated on April 4, the average American would not even grasp what is suspicious about that date.

    2. What does it mean if you see "44" everywhere example 44, 12:44, $3.44 etc

    3. That's hard to say, the numbers go both ways.
      Hope = 44
      Karma = 44
      Faith = 44
      Spiritual = 44
      Grand = 44

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    5. This coming April 4th is perfect for something to happen..

      4/4/2016 = 44
      (4+4+20+16 = 44

  2. Only about half your blogs are showing up on my feed. This happens every month or so. Very odd.

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  4. What about super bowl 50? Broncos vs Panthers, Panthers have a qb named Newton, the Panthers leader was Huey P Newton, Obama is seen dress like Neopoleon who rode a white horse(bronco)who has same political tatics like Neopoleon, who wins?


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