Sunday, January 24, 2016

CNN Super Bowl Headlines, Super Bowl 50: Panthers, Broncos

I'll have to think about how these numbers might factor in.  Sometimes CNN drops big clues.


  1. How about shut the fuck up you dick riding patriot/Cardinal fan faggot. Fuck you and this blog. That's all this garbage wrote about till it's over

  2. 1111 the fulfilment of 111 like that SuperCam commercial with his two sports actor clones and they're sitting on the couch with 4 Newton jersey's on the wall. And 186 like the fulfilment of 86 (Broncos / Levi's Stadium Santa Clara CA / The Bay Area / Golden Anniversary / Fake Alien Invasion)

  3. Back track and you'll find that 181 everywhere. I remember it. I am wary of inversion squishes. Anyhow, time to review to see what we may have missed. I am still curious if they have a backup plan or not, and if not, they're is a confirmation code that we either haven't seen or misunderstood. Fuck the haters, btw, honestly if Sports didn't bring you as many views as it did, I rather focus on some other news. Be well, bro. And Berg too, fuck these dicks, my man.

  4. What makes you believe you can mix meanings from tables into the same 'sentence'? You do a disservice to yourself.

    This is the gematria equivalent of using anagrams which allows one to find whatever they want. Use Chaldean primary with a Pythagorean kicker, or pick one.

    The latter is used by goyim or outer lodge Jews/masons, but Chaldean is used by the demonic inner lodge. (Note OZ=7)

    The best, ie. demonic level intelligence, use both with only slightly different meanings.

    Download/use FREE calculator from:
    C K Marketing Inc.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73107

    You're on the right track, but also give the KEY, or dictionaries one of which is the Pi based MENorah.

    22=TAV which is a mojo symbol like "!"; both are phallic!
    (We're dealing with types who worship those!)
    44 is a double 22 NOT 'death'; 6, 6 6, or 3333 are death.

    Here's some detail on my blog for other ritual information: (The ICE BERG video is a KEY!)

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