Tuesday, January 26, 2016

33 74 | Flat earth theory, a masonic conspiracy for the purpose of divide and conquer?

We know how the Masons rule, with tactics meant to divide and conquer.  As I've said since the beginning of its takeover this past summer, this is a divisive argument, meant to provoke the Christians who completely deny science, and cause division in the communities that are seeking truth on topics such as September 11, illegitimate wars, false media reporting for political agenda including shooting hoaxes, etc.

Remember, the symbol of the United Nations, a masonic organization, is a symbol broken up into '33' parts.  When we find this pairing of 33 and 74, we often find the Masons.

The symbol is broken into 33-parts including the inner circle.

The Illuminati card game was invented in 1982, last year, 2015, the year of the 'Flat Earth', it became incredibly popular.


  1. I Totally agree people need to drop this bs topic.

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  3. People will scream at the top of their lungs, and call you a shill for not believing in the flat earth theory. The one thing they will never be able to do; Give a logical explanation for Alaska's perpetual sunlight or darkness.

  4. Did you hear his new song? He mentions masonry and the 33 degrees.

    1. I just saw a papa johns commercial and it featured peyton manning jj watt and joe montana. They all were wearing they're jerseys. 18,99,16. If you add all those up it equals 133. Also look at this they're telling you whose gonna win the superbowl. 18 is gonna win in 16. 49ers are hosting. Also jj watt and the 99 is referencing john elway's superbowl victory in 1999 where he rode off into the sunset. Peyton manning is going to do the same in 16. Also NFL in greek beta code=580. Definitely a league of freemasons.

  5. Gee Darius, did you come up with that all by yourself? I'm pretty sure zach said the same exact thing. Repeating what somebody says and passing it off as your own isn't being intelligent.

    1. Are u stupid? Zach told me good work. So did he say the exact same thing. I don't think so. I just saw this on tv and saw the b.s. and told what i saw on here. I don't know why you keep coming on here attacking me; you really need to grow up and get a life.

  6. Perhaps the truth is that we live on a still earth, geocentric. Astronomer Tycho Brahe's model for a static earth is rock solid, yet the flat earth theory seems to be the only counter argument to the earth is spinning and whizzing through space theory.

  7. 93-coded on black people. Told the sun is approx.93 million miles away.

    Pear shaped=93
    (Neil Degrasse Tyson coined the term "Pear Shaped")
    And of course Saturn=93

    The Globe=74
    Neil=74 (Hebrew value)
    NDT=144 (Hebrew value)
    Neil Tyson 133

    Im sure youve covered most of these.

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