Friday, January 29, 2016

41 84 113 | Vietnam and Vietnamese... in gematria

Something is definitely going on here.  This is a country and a people that has been tortured by the western nations.


  1. I keep seeing this ad running around for Japanese tourism claiming that it was up 47% last year over 2014. I keep thinking they are due for an event, something to pull the West-East into all this. 2020 Olympics if Martial World still does that, they probably will. People gotta have their stories.

  2. Vietnam
    Soviet 954 540 90
    TV 42

    Maybe it's my odd sort of dyslexia but i read Vietnam as TVman at first glance. Seems appropriate since it is said to be the first televised war.

  3. In Vietnam, the Vietnam War is called the "American War of Aggression" =115/133.


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