Tuesday, January 26, 2016

33 51 74 110 123 | Shooting at San Diego Naval Medical Center (Hoax Reporting)

This story is based on one witness who heard three gunshots.  It is important to note that they didn't see, but they heard the gunshot...

Notice the 'three gunshots' were heard in Building 26, on the 26th...

Mason = 4+1+1+6+5 = 17/26

Naval = 5+1+4+1+3 = 14
Medical = 4+5+4+9+3+1+3 = 29
Center = 3+5+5+2+5+9 = 29
Naval Medical Center = 72

San = 1+1+5 = 7/16
Diego = 4+9+5+7+6 = 31
San Diego = 38/47

Naval = 14+1+22+1+12 = 50
Medical = 13+5+4+9+3+1+12 = 47
Center = 3+5+14+20+5+18 = 65
Naval Medical Center = 162

San = 19+1+14 = 34
Diego = 4+9+5+7+15 = 40
San Diego = 74

Notice the spokesperson name.

Mike = 4+9+2+5 = 20
Alvarez = 1+3+4+1+9+5+8 = 31
Mike Alvarez = 51 (Conspiracy)

Mike = 13+9+11+5 = 38
Alvarez = 1+12+22+1+18+5+26 = 85
Mike Alvarez = 123 (Conspiracy)

The location of Balboa Park is the final giveaway in the hoax that is.

Balboa = 2+1+3+2+6+1 = 15
Park = 7+1+9+2 = 19
Balboa Park = 34

Balboa = 2+1+12+2+15+1 = 33
Park = 16+1+18+11 = 46
Balboa Park = 79



  1. People are still focusing on the flat earth theory. I mean who even started that. There are more important issues than proving the earth is flat. What about what are they hiding at area 51 cause i wanna know!!

  2. We live on a flat plain surrounded by a dome. Their you go flat earthers the earth is a giant rock in space.

  3. Can we even go into space. People the flat earth theory is a waste of time and breath. Stop entertaining it. We know NASA are huge liars. What else is their to prove. Especially you christians. You have proof that the earth is flat but you don't have proof that a man named jesus ever existed. Truly pathetic. Your'e be-lie-ving a LIE.

  4. All you have is made up doctrine. The freemasons created the bible. King james is a homosexual. Listen to rfgs lecture on the star wars chracter kylo ren and he also exposes a youtuber that goes by the name of super christian. People the cross is a small penis mashed up against a big one representing homosexuality. We've been lied to big time. My whole family are christians execpt for my brother. So basically my family has been believing a lie for decades. It's sad and ashame. Hopefully, the truth will surface and they accept it for what it is. Heaven is hot and hell is cold. Christians will never win a debate against a highly spiritual person. Of course, they would win against an evoulutionist. Bill nye got destroyed by that creationist two yrs ago. Wake up and smell the roses.

    1. Go Darius! What has you fired up today?

    2. People need to go into those churches and drop a truth bomb.

    3. Ha! I used to drop the truth bombs in church when I was a kid. It was the only way I could get out of confirmation class.

    4. Christian truthers can't be truthers if they still believe in a made up religion. RussianVids is spreading saturn energy all over his youtube channel.

  5. Haha flat earth... "They're hiding stuff in Antarctica, that proves its flat." not at all, you know how hard it would be to defend a 360° wall that circulates earth every second of every day from civillians? What these people fail to realize is that only one section is getting guarded. What they are hiding there is probably technology that we see in sci-fi movies. Not some dome or ice wall.

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  7. I was born at the naval med center at 7:33 am on a fateful october day in 1980.

    And I used to work in one of the museums in Balboa Park.

    Park Blvd is the main road that divides the naval center from Balboa Park.

  8. Today's the 26h.....

    Gun shots heard in building "26"

    Located in..

    "San Diego" = 206

    Today's full date = 18
    (1+2+6+2+0+1+6 = 18)

    "Naval Medical Center" = 972
    (9+7+2 = 18)


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