Sunday, January 31, 2016

67 | Paul Kitterman (Missing Broncos Fan) story revisited, 67-weeks later

What jumps out at you right away from the image above?  Is it not the March 22 birthday, aka 322?
  • 3/22/1961 = 3+22+19+61 = 105
  • 3/22/1961 = 3+22+(1+9+6+1) = 42
  • 3/22/1961 = 3+2+2+1+9+6+1 = 24/6
  • 3/22/61 = 3+22+61 = 86
  • Was Paul Kitterman 86'd?
The date he went missing has a numerology of "47".
  • Thursday, 10/23/14
  • 10/23/2014 = 10+23+20+14 = 67
  • 10/23/2014 = 10+23+(2+0+1+4) = 40
  • 10/23/2014 = 1+0+2+3+2+0+1+4 = 13
  • 10/23/14 = 10+23+14 = 47
  • 10/23 = 10+23 = 33
Paul Kitterman is said to be 53-years old.
  • Paul = 7+1+3+3 = 14
  • Kitterman = 2+9+2+2+5+9+4+1+5 = 39
  • Paul Kitterman = 14+39 = 53
  • 53-years old
Should I call the Denver Police to report what I know?

Perhaps they would care to here details about the 33-minute blackout at Super Bowl 47, where John defeated Jim Harbaugh.
  • Super Bowl 47
  • 33-minute blackout
  • Jim lost to John
  • Jim = 10+9+13 = 32
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
The names Kitterman and Harbaugh also much the same...
  • Kitterman = 2+9+2+2+5+9+4+1+5 = 39
  • Harbaugh = 8+1+9+2+1+3+7+8 = 39

From the date he went missing to the date of Super Bowl 2016, is a span of 67-weeks, like the numerology of the date he disappeared.

Levi's = 12+5+22+9+19 = 67
Satanic = 19+1+20+1+14+9+3 = 67

Also recall the San Francisco Giants won the World Series of the Kitterman riddle.  Think about how San Francisco is now hosting the Broncos.

On 10/29/14, the Giants won three of the last five World Series by winning the 110th World Series...

10/29/14 = 10+29+14 = 53
Bochy = 2+15+3+8+25 = 53 (Manger of Giants)
Earlier in the day, missing NFL fan Paul Kitterman, age 53, was found 110-miles from where he disappeared, at least so the story goes...
Paul Kitterman = 7+1+3+3+2+9+2+2+5+9+4+1+5 = 53
Paul Kitterman was Age 53, born March 22



    Just days after the pic from Oregon and that shooting, Fox is running a story with the Devil statue about Satanist prayer in Arizona.

  2. Have you seen this article?

    I noticed that the writer draws attention to Cam Newton's made-up word "explicities" (when he meant "expletives"). Explicities = 131, Super Bowl = 131. But it's interesting that he gets the 131 total only by an error. I wonder if this is a sign of Super Bowl defeat rather than victory . . .

  3. Such an odd story indeed. Paul =50 - foretelling SB 50. Kitterman =111, 666....similar to his initials P.K. =16 11, and added together =27, like the SB on 2/7. Manning =72.

    Kitterman's height is listed at 5'7...seems short, too short. Fifty Seven =131, like Super Bowl.

    Missing Broncos Fan =197. Super Bowl Fifty =197.

    1. Ha! I need to make a second video with these finds. You think the Broncos are winning still?

  4. Yes, I strongly favor the Broncos....thanks in large part to your seasons+ worth of work on them.

    Your 6 part SB series was very well explained - each number clearly broken down in classic F2Ft style :)

    I also liked your score of 21-18. Vegas actually has that score listed at 67 to 1 odds. Which just adds further oddity to Kittermans 67 weeks, and of course - Peyton Manning =167.

    One Hundred Sixty Seven =270. And 27/72 have been the cornerstone numbers to all of this....the SB is on 2/7 etc etc etc.

    1. Great points, what do you have for a score then? 27-20?

  5. i been watching your vids for 3 mo and while i am not good with numbers
    i think the nfl has always been rigged

    the main reason i think denver will win

    as u know the SB Champ hosted the kickoff game

    and next year denver has 3 home games that will mean big ratings for NBC

    1 INDY Colts
    2 Car Partners
    3 NE Pats

    while Car only has 1 good home game in 2016 Zona

    u overlook only 1 thing and that is story lines / drama

    a 2nd reason the NFL wants Peyton to tie Eil period

    1. Jason, awesome observations! Thank you for watching and for posting a comment, a very brilliant one! Great work!

  6. future picks

    Brady will not win a 5th SB unless goodell is fired by 2018 which he will not be because he is the owners fall guy puppet

    next year SB will be Indy/Car so a new young guns rivalry can start

    although honesty between may/sept the owners get in a room and pick the SB

    here how owners see it

    AFC East NE Kraft the dark lord and master of the NFL he has the most power everything goes through him

    Buff too small market will only make a run when kelly passes

    Mia Fan base is decaying losing power

    NYJ big Market but cursed


    Pitt Cowboys of the AFC they make the nfl tens of billions

    Bait they are still paying for 2012 and pissing kraft off

    Ciny cheap and unlucky

    Cle this is the G W Bush of NFL


    Indy will win 2 sb in the next 5 years if their coach and gm get out of way

    Hou with a star QB will be a power

    Jax will not win in jax they do not make the NFL enough $$

    Tenn a joke too small maket

    Den will be the New ravens of the 2000's and by 2018 Den and indy couild rule the afc for 3-5 years

    Oak never will win until mark davis sells

    KC too mid market too much of a yes man

    SD a clueless owner

    1. Great breakdown, I like Colts and Packers in the Super Bowl next year, Houston is Luck's hometown.
      Houston Texans = 51 (Hosting Super Bowl 51)
      Houston Astros = 112 (112th World Series next year)
      Often times there is a connection between the WS and SB

    2. Thanks Zach


      Dal - same as NE ex more greedy

      NYG have u noted in the last 30 years the giants never have a 2-14 type year that because the NFL would lose too much $$$

      Philly i am on SB nation a lot i love their fans but the NFL does not the eagles is a cursed frah

      Wash synder is a clown show he just is it in for the money

      Chi stadium is too un watchable on tv they are becoming a cuase frah

      GB they should go to the SB every year but their head coach is a huge idiot

      Det they are badly mismanaged on a epic scale

      Minn watch for a big year in 2016 for minn nfl likes team to have a good year the year Before they host a super bowl

      ATL unlucky idiot gm

      NO will never win on a cont basis LA is very curse as a state

      Car Sunday is a huge test for them can they be the next seahawks

      TB by 2019 they will be good wintson has everything the illmautai loves

      Zona too old coach qb does not makes the nfl enrough $$$ to matter

      LA Rams power by 2020 they will stuggule for a few more years but that is just bad coaching

      SF will be a Mess york only cares about $$

      Sea they have star power but hard to market 'east 'coast ' bias

  7. This Paul Kitterman looks like an ex Dolphin now broadcaster named Kim Bokamper. Not saying it's him because it's obviously not. But that's who he reminds me of.

    1. Interesting, is an even greater riddle at work? I spent some time with some friends yesterday from Colorado... who are Dolphins fans. Ha!

    2. Bokamper appeared in the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective which involves kidnapping and a missing superbowl ring linked to a SB the 49ers played in.

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