Sunday, January 31, 2016

42 47 58 67 119 | 'Three black female college students' beaten by group of white men in Albany, NY (Divide and conquer propaganda)

Albany = 1+3+2+1+5+7 = 19
New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2 = 39
Albany, New York = 58 (Freemasonry)

Albany = 1+12+2+1+14+25 = 55 (330, English Gematria)
New York = 14+5+23+25+15+18+11 = 111 (666, English Gematria)
Albany, New York = 166

Notice the post comments above, something that is not moving as I continue to reload.  It synchs up with the 'three black female college students' as well.

Let us not forget the gematria of 'all seeing eye' and 'star of david'.

Notice they were in the back of the bus.  The Zionist who contrived this story probably masturbated to this sentence after he wrote it.

Bus = 2+21+19 = 42
Nigger = 5+9+7+7+5+9 = 42

The incident happened on 'Western Ave.'  No coincidence.

Western Ave = 5+5+1+2+5+9+5+1+4+5 = 42

So it went from an argument, to racial slurs, to being kicked and beaten on the ground.  Notice how there is no mention of what started the argument.  Also keep in mind this is a made up story for propaganda purposes, and more racial divisiveness.

Please see my work on Rosa Parks if you have not prior:

Notice they're having their Dr. King meeting on February 1, 2016.

2/1/2016 = 2+1+20+16 = 39
Dr. King, dead at 39... same with Malcolm X

Also, of course, February is 'black history month'.

February = 6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7 = 42

And of course the President of the school is named 'Robert'.

Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33 (Race War)
J. = 1
Jones = 1+6+5+5+1 = 18/27
Robert J. Jones = 52/61

Robert = 18+15+2+5+18+20 = 78
J. = 10
Jones = 10+15+14+5+19 = 63
Robert J. Jones = 151

Nice tweet time...

12 = 1+2 = 3

The date of the incident also has more Masonic and Zionist ties.

1/30/2016 = 1+30+20+16 = 67 (Freemasonry)
1/30/2016 = 1+30+(2+0+1+6) = 40
1/30/2016 = 1+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 13
1/30/16 = 1+30+16 = 47

Of course 47 is one of the most important numbers in all the Zionist and Masonic divide and conquer stories, so it is a fitting date for this purposeful propaganda.



    Did you see this bit about both end zones being painted for the Broncos?

    The error was spotted by James Martin--123, a photographer for CBS. That all seeing eye network.

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