Friday, January 29, 2016

"Gravity does not exist", a video by Eric Dubay

Are people clicking on this video because gravity does not exist, or for other reasons?  Strange how the flat earth theory implores the gimmicks of mainstream marketing.


  1. I have never watched an anti-gravity video. To me that's as out there as reptiles running the World. If not gravity, what is it? Does weight exist? Do I?


  2. By debating flat earth verses the other thing, geocentrism is left out - feeding the mainstream. That is what they want, argue about flat earth, concave earth, bird's egg earth - so that geocentrism (a scientifically sound theory) is tied in with all the other crazy ideas. That is the disinformation conspiracy that is going on.

    There is no scientific debate about geocentrism in the mainstream. YouTube, etc. push flat earth and concave earth. People confuse geocentrism with flat earth, etc. If you find a mainstream argument for geocentrism, it is religious based (like movie "The Principle"). Geocentrism should not be a religious debate.

    I may have trouble communicating these ideas - but that is what I see. People playing into the conspiracy, and ignoring me when I mention Tycho Brahe's geocentricity.

    Best regards.

  3. Using gravity ' s constant 9.8 m/s^2 (measurable by our own weight, the opposing force), most math students can predict where any object will land when put into motion, aka a bullet or a bowling ball or a peanut. Gravity must be fake if college students can build equations to support it. Also gravity it just a name we give to all bodies of matter with this intrinsic measurable property. You have gravity and a pencil has its own gravity. You know what, atoms do not exist because we cannot prove where the electrons are, we can only give probabilities of where they may be at any given point in time. It's all made up...


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