Sunday, July 3, 2016

27 49 71 73 82 86 113 121 153 188 207 | The "heroin overdose" of Jim Morrison, July 3, 1971 in Le Marais, Paris, France

James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21 (Jim = 1+9+4 = 14)
Douglas = 4+6+3+7+3+1+1/10 = 25/34
Morrison = 4+6+9+9+9+1/10+6+5 = 49/58
James Douglas Morrison = 86/113 (Jim Morrison = 63/72) (Paris = 63) (Dead at 27)

James = 10+1+13+5+19 = 48 (Jim = 10+9+13 = 32)
Douglas = 4+15+21+7+12+1+19 = 79
Morrison = 13+15+18+18+9+19+15+14 = 121
James Douglas Morrison = 248 (Jim Morrison = 153)

It is interesting that his name has gematria of '153' and '113'.

12/8/1943 = 12+8+19+43 = 82 (Heroine Overdose)
12/8/1943 = 12+8+(1+9+4+3) = 37 (Dead on July 3 or 3/7)
12/8/1943 = 1+2+8+1+9+4+3 = 28
12/8/43 = 12+8+43 = 63 (Jim Morrison = 63) (Paris)

7/3/1971 = 7+3+19+71 = 100
7/3/1971 = 7+3+1+9+7+1 = 28
7/3/71 = 7+3+71 = 81
7/3.... Sacrifice = 73 (Miami Incident, date numerology of 73)

His cause of death was said to be a 'heroine overdose'.

He died in Le Marais, Paris, France, having a connection to the 'Bavarian Illuminati', connected to the 'French Revolution'.

His place of burial also corresponds with the illuminati.

Jim Morrison died 207-days after his 27th birthday.

Him dying in '71 also connects to the band he is known for, The Doors.

His burial on July 7, or 7/7 also makes me think of who runs the record studios.

Jim Morrison's father was one of the military men who conspired to create the needless war in Vietnam.

Another interesting thing to note is 'The Miami Incident'.  That was March 1, 1969, or 1/3.  That was the date Morrison showed up late to the show drunk and went on the rant as written below.

3/1/69 = 3+1+69 = 73 (Sacrifice = 73)

Rockstar = 33

"You're all a bunch of f**kin' idiots." Sounds of shock and outrage from the audience. "Let people tell you what you're gonna do. Let people push you around. How long do you think its gonna last? How long are you gonna let it go on? How long are you gonna let them push you around. Maybe you love it. Maybe you like being pushed around. Maybe you love getting your face stuck in the shit.....You're all a bunch of slaves. Bunch of slaves. Letting everybody push you around.

What are you gonna do about it? What are you gonna do about it...What are you gonna do?

Today marks 45-years since his death.  Time for the truth!

Miami = 13+9+1+13+9 = 45

From the date of the incident until his death was 122-weeks to the day.

Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon)

His girlfriend's death also ties in, the woman who found him dead.

This woman had some name.  Let me tell you about '227'.

Notice she found Jim in the bathtub, the day before July 4, or 7/4; surely a big news story for the Fourth of July of that year.

If only Whitney knew what was coming.

Notice his girlfriend died in '74, on April 25, 1974.

4/25/1974 = 4+25+19+74 = 122

She died at age 27 like Morrison, and was born on a date with '27' numerology.

12/22/1946 = 1+2+2+2+1+9+4+6 = 27 (Dead at 27 like Jim)

From the anniversary of Jim's death to her death is 9 months and 23 days.  The French Republican Calendar begins on September 23 typically.

Jim died 82-days before September 23, again connecting to 'Heroin Overdose'.  Pamela supposedly also died from a Heroin overdose.

*The 11 weeks and 5 days is interesting, because his girlfriend would die on the 115th day of the year.

Jim Morrison's rant seemingly connected to this date of death as well as his girlfriend's came during the song Five to One.  Reminds me of 'conspiracy'.  Jim was born in Melbourne, FL.

Freemason = 51 (Pythagorean, S-Exception)

Speaking of conspiracies, Jim's father decommissioned the ship he was admiral of, the same day Jim Morrison died, what are the odds?


  1. Can this be a sacrifice for France to win the Euro 2016? Thanks

    1. It would have been made 43-years in advance. He was born in '43. It's a thought.

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    4. France last one the Euro's in 2000. France won on the old 'Golden Goal' rule. :)
      'Golden Goal' = 47. 'France' = 47

      Zidane was given player of the tournament in 2000. He just won the champions League as Real Madrid manager. After Nov.13th and March 22nd ... had thought was gonna be either France or Belgium ... Ain't looked at it much at all though...

      Thierry Henry's record for France is pretty funny ..
      123 appearances, 51 goals :D ha

      Ohh & France beat Iceland 5-2 yesterday :D ( 52 ) Iceland finish game with 33% possession. :P

      All the best, Dar!

    5. Last won the Euro's I meant, ha :)

    6. And Wales beat Belgium 3-1, with 48% possession to Belgium's 52% ( Brexit result) ;)

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    8. My mistake about France not winning since 1984.They won in 2000 like you said.

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  5. I gotta say I love the doors. Check out this video of Morrison going on a rant telling everyone in the audience they're all a bunch of slaves. He gets pretty specific here for being extremely drunk. This is during the song Five to One also, a song about taking over. Thanks for doing this post, I always wondered what the numbers surrounding his death were.

  6. I like the doors their music is timeless.

  7. I like the doors their music is timeless.

  8. Stephen King has a bit in The Stand where one of the main characters is telling someone for the first time that he once met Morrison years after his supposed death. He talks about how evil and lifeless his eyes looked even though he was joking and being polite.

    My late Uncle always said with 100 percent certainty that Morrison died in 84-85, in the swamps surrounding New Orleans. I never doubted his weird Louisiana mojo.

    1. Some of the doors art work portrays Morrison, and just him, with reptilian eyes. It's strange even for the inside of a rock album. Really interesting about the Stephen King bit

  9. I feel that Jim did die on July 3rd, 1971. In early 1970 (as a senior in high school,) I attended a school anti-drug lecture in which the speaker hinted about a direct threat to Jim's life. The lecture began as any ordinary, dull anti-drug meeting at school might. However, in time the speaker got mad because the audience wasn't participating. Then he tried to wake up the crowd by making a provocative statement---namely, "I know for a fact that Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are going to die." Still, there wasn't much response from the crowd. One guy yelled out, "Yeah, tell us something we don't know. People who use drugs might die from it? That's not news." Then, the speaker got even more riled. Red-faced, he told the crowd, "Well, I didn't say that these singers MIGHT die, did I? I happen to know that these singers WILL die. It's already decided." At that point, someone in the crowd did decide to challenge him. The doubtful student hollered out, "Oh yeah? Then, tell us about it!" At that point, the speaker chickened out. He quickly told the group, "I've said too much already," then changed the topic.

    So, one by one, these three people did die. You can't tell me that it was an accident. If this were a game of Clue, my call would be that it was done at the Rock and Roll Circus by Jean de Breteuil with adultered heroin. Sam Bennett, the club's manager, has written the most accurate account, to my way of thinking. His article in the Daily Mail sums it up.

    Zach, I know that you think Jim disappeared. He was surrounded by freemasons, including fellow bandmember Ray, but Jim wasn't someone who could be told what to do, or "handled." Somebody wanted him out. Put that together with the fact that the entire rabble-rousing, peace march, get outta Vietnam era unraveled soon after the deaths of Jimi, Jim and Janis, and their leadership of the youth was one more reason that they were offed. Further, Jean de Breteuil died himself shortly after Jim did...which was a case of the Alphabets cleaning up the witnesses in my opinion.

    An autopsy isn't particularly needed if Sam Bennet's story is correct. Jim died with froth in the mouth, which is evidence of a quick-onset case of pulmonary edema (this is sometimes found in heroin users, according to the medical literature.) But the heroin was probably adultered in some form to make sure that it happened this way. The lack of an autopsy would have been to cover up whatever substance was added to the heroin, if this is the case. The fact that the "died in a bathtub" story was concocted isn't surprising, since the truth couldn't be told.

    In addition to the speculations above, there are people who feel he has contacted them. If you have read Feast of Friends, you already know that two of Morrison's friends feel they have been contacted. People living in his former Albuquerque & Virginia homes (places he lived as a child) have had eerie-but-interesting things happen. In these occurrences, Jim has never seemed sad, but happy.

    I do beg to differ with Stephen King, a known elite. Jim just wasn't an evil guy.

    1. Manzarek was a Freemason??? I thought there may have been something up with him... I agree with you completely though, Morrison was far too much of a wild card. He was untamable. I think a lot of that was because of his naturally rebellious nature which was only brought out more because of UCLA film school and his 2 week long acid trip. Morrison was a poet among other things, some of my favorite quotes ever are his. The Miami incident and the five to one speech were too much for "them." He had to be taken out. So do you think Ray participated in his killing then?

  10. I've always been a really big Doors fan, so I appreciate this analysis a lot. Excellent job, and thank you for doing it.