Sunday, July 3, 2016

66 86 112 126 156 239 | ISIS under pressure, July 3, 2016 headlines, CNN

Today is the last day of the United States being 239-years old.

Turns out 239 has some powerful number attachments through gematria.

Again, 911 the 156th prime plus so much more.

112 is the alt dialing code for 911.

The headline also has '86' gematria.

Remmeber, when you write out '86', it sums to '126'.  We made this observation after the Orlando June 12 shooting, or 12/6, where the wife of the shooter was wearing the sweatshirt with the huge 86 on the back.


  1. Whoo-Hoo. Just got back from three days in the mountains. [Mountain Biking] Gotta have my Zach-Attack! Can't wait to watch all the new videos.

  2. Holiday Weekend HorrOR as 18 year old tourist's leg is blown off by homemade explosive hidden among among the rocks in Central Park.
    TOuRist Connor Golden, 18, had his foot "severely mutilated", a friend said (hersay being reported not fact, "a friend" is not a reliable source. Notice who is being quoted in stories)

    Also note the hyperbole - a leg blown off is quite an exaggeration for a small chunk nicked off a foot. Which is it? The article swings both poles leaving lots of wiggle room so u can believe it to whatever degree u want and still be right. They don't care the point is for u to believe this actually happened instead of being fiction which it is.

    Note the symbolism, young man 18 (6+6+6) his foot/leg bloodied as he leaped off a rock and landed on a firework/homemade bomb
    (Like Neil Armstrong on moon One small Step for man...)
    at 10:52 AM the day before American turns 240 years old.
    Plymouth Rock/Third Rock from sun
    ConnOR Golden
    OR as in ORange, ORlando, etc
    John Connor Terminator movies Jesus figure
    Gold, AU, stay gold Ponyboy

  3. Moon landing July 20, 1969, to July 3, 2016, 47 years and 17 days.